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  • Birthday 08/13/1996

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    Xbox, Anime, Netflix, K-Pop.
  1. Whoa pso is your favorite game?? I didn't think many people new about it haha. I been kinda playing pso2. But phantasy star universe is actually one of my favorite games of all time. I think out of all the games i played i have the most hours on that. Either that or halo 3. And i heard the pso anime was kinda bad lol
  2. Dude that's nice. If you really like video games in anime then i think you might like log horizon. I think it is similar to sao. I never watched it myself but i do hear good things about.
  3. I really liked fate/zero, animation was amazing. I need to re-watch it at some point.
  4. I feel the need to say that i really love your signature lol
  5. Dude you need to add Hunter x Hunter 2011 to your list aha
  6. Dude, Legend of Galactic Heroes sounds sweet haha
  7. I actually never heard of "Devil is a Part Timer" and "Legend of Galactic Heroes". How are they?
  8. I think DBZ was the first anime i really watched, but naruto is what opened my eyes to anime if that makes sense lol I also watched yu-gi-oh as kid too. I understand how you feel about overuse of exposition, hunter x hunter is kind of guilty of this in one of the later arcs.
  9. Dude i know and it went on hiatus at the worst time too cause it was starting to get really good.
  10. So how many people here like to watch anime? If you do, what are some anime you like? My favorites are Hunter x Hunter 2011, Hajime no Ippo, and Magi. I just recently caught up to the anime erased which is pretty good too!
  11. Thank you! Yeah i'm mostly on xbox, i don't really play on computer because i don't have a good computer for gaming haha
  12. So i just joined and i am really excited to meet some new people so hit me up! Haha my gamertag is TheSantaclawz and on steam im santacrocex. So feel free to add me!