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    Gaming, music, guns, and muscle cars.
  1. I wasn't too powerful but I wasn't all that weak either. He was the my entire northern border and I had the sea on every other side so I didn't have the biggest defensive force but I was ahead in tech and gold. Most of the AI in the game liked me too because I kept trading with them.
  2. I was playing Civ 4 with some friends and one of them decided he was gonna go to war with the rest of us. He started taking my cities left and right but we had require complete kills on so I got an evil idea. I just moved all my units onto a single tile island made a city and sat there as he destroyed my Civ. My other 2 friends managed to kill him and I won a diplomatic victory in the end because nobody could take my city before it happened.
  3. NA Server Sharpster#1921 I'm not the greatest at it so far, only been played a few days so far, but I can handle basic stuff and I do well enough most the time.
  4. Alright then I sounds good I will still switch to NS when I get the chance but I have no idea when that will be. My name is UndyingSharpster.5084
  5. His name is Gbay99, if you are having trouble (especially with ranked) then check some of his vids out and listen to him. No youtube channel is going to make you plat or any rank for that matter but if you follow his advice it can help you learn to improve quite a bit. He has definitely helped me go improve, even if it was only with my attitude towards the game, myself, and the other people.
  6. Not sure why I didn't think about the AJSA having a guild in this game before I started playing. I'm on the wrong server now and I would just transfer but I have 2 friends that aren't AJSA members playing with me and I doubt they will switch.
  7. Gamertag Screen Name HateReborn Sharpster93 Last day possible but I would like updates, im usually busy during the weekend but it's nice to have the chance to join if something is happening
  8. I'll just tie myself to the stake and light myself on fire for you but... Micro-transactions aren't the devil Also Bioshock is not that great
  9. Getting too hyped or being to skeptical is bad either way. I always have the idea that a game might not be everything I want in my head but I don't let that keep me from buying games. I only pre-order or buy games day 1 that I think are going to be amazing with whatever flaws they may have. Destiny was the only game I bought this year that wasn't up to par even then I don't regret buying it me and my friends had some fun times with it.
  10. I want to decisively say Dragon Age: Inquisition but with so many great games that came out this year its hard. In no particular order my faves are: Dragon Age: InquisitionDark Souls 2GTA V for the next genCoD AW (probably the best CoD in a while)Smash BrosWolfenstienAlien: IsolationDestiny (was really just Meh but good times with friends)(there a ton I still need to play so...)
  11. A.) I do believe that Rockstar stated that they are coming out with the next content update so probably either the 16th or 23rd. B.) It's not really fair to call Rockstar greedy they were working on next gen and PC ports with a ton of extra features as well as free nearly monthly content updates and fixes galore that have made GTA Online much better than when it came out. They have done a lot of work in the year since this game came out. That being said if these heists are not good then I'm going to freak the F*** out
  12. I just started a Nightmare playthrough so I may or may not join but I will add you. GT: HateReborn
  13. So as many of you probably know it has been confirmed that Inquistion has microtransactions. Well let me be the first to say that I think this is sort of a good thing. Why is this a good, you might be thinking, well let me just lay down some nice points. No paywalls - Bioware has already stated that nothing will be locked behind paywalls, in can all be earned in gameFree Multiplayer DLC - another thing Bioware has already confirmed is that they will be updating the game and adding content for free"Quality Servers" - this one is a little bit of speculation on my part but look at ME3, the servers are stable and have very minimal lagSupporting the future of the franchise - At the end of the day EA runs a busisness they want money the more they make off a game the more they give the devloper to make anotherWith all that being said, lets not roit about these microtransactions just to make noise. They are optional, they dont detract from the game in any major way. I don't think it's ok for devlopers to nickle and dime us for content we should get anyways but that isn't what EA is trying to do here. P.S. I am truly excited for this game and hope to have some fun with you guys. Also sorry for any spelling errors I am typing on my XBOne since I don't have a PC right now.
  14. Luma is a monster. I didn't think Luigi was that bad but then again I would never pick him unless I was messing around so I can't be to suprised.
  15. Kotor, Halo, Timesplitters, and Battlefront are all great seires, I also loved Fable