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  1. So, this is my first 60 FPS video on Youtube (as far as I'm aware) Took about 3 days to record due to Thanksgiving and Luigi constantly killing himself. I'm looking for some feedback on the footage, I captured the game with the Elgato HD60 though you can still see some large clusters of artifacting on the screen when there's a lot going on. (Large chunks of pixels) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNlOpaSYu5k
  2. Yes! This is exactly what I was planning on doing. A fast-paced mech game with a large battle field. I also wanted to make sure camping was to a minimum if non-existent.
  3. Hello, I'm currently designing a Mech Game and I was curious what you would find fun. There are a lot of plans for the game at this time, so I'm hoping to get some hints on what some of you would be looking for. To answer some questions ahead of time, however: There will be Guilds, however they will be called Factions You can build and customize your own Mech You will engage in combat as frequent as you desire You will NOT be stuck with doing quests in order to level up or gain money This game is Multiplayer
  4. As a rule, I generally don't give out models that I've designed. It's a really simple design, it only takes about 30 minutes to make.
  5. I wouldn't say 10 months later out of 12 is exactly premature
  6. I made it myself, I just used the emblem as a reference, recreated it in 2D and then converted several 2D layers to 3D.
  7. Well considering the eye can only perceive "a lower frame rate than 60 FPS" I don't think you can really "feel" and "see" the FPS dips, especially when they are generally off by a few frames. There are different ways of handling frame drops, and a lot of people don't generally notice them. There's a lot more to FPS than many people actually realize. There's the brightness, the darkness, and the blur. The fact that someone claims to be able to tell the difference is 100% bullshit and will only say so when there has been bench-marking done.
  8. Thanks guys. I'm currently making adjustments to the model, I'm sure it's hard to see but some of the edges are rounded a lot more than they should be. (Mainly in the A and the J) I'll try to find sometime to paint it this month. This is also practice for an idea I'm formulating for a game.
  9. I am, not too sure what paint I should go with right now.
  10. So one night I was trying to learn how to make 3D Models, so I decided to make the Angry Joe Show Emblem and 3D Print it. Here are the results:
  11. Hey this is my first time playing GW2, I just bought it yesterday and I was interested in joining the Guild. TheMonsterAtlas.7386
  12. Cool! Thanks for the beta key!
  13. About a year too late for this video
  14. Hey guys, this isn't really a question on how to get partnered, I'm already partnered with Machinima, and it's okay and everything, but I'm never really involved with the community, never really collaborating with users or anything along those lines. I've been partnered for a little over a year now I suppose and I don't feel like Machinima is right for me. I've never created a Machinima, and I know that's not the point, but I feel like my types of videos don't really belong under Machinima? A lot of Machinima is about gameplay, FPS, Run and Gun montage kind of thing, but I've never really done anything like that. The kind of videos I have been getting into recently are pre-release summaries of games and what they are before release, entitled Da HYPE. I also plan on getting into more tutorials and things of that nature and I don't feel like Machinima provides the correct coverage for myself. (Granted Machinima hasn't done anything for me anyway, not that I was expecting to, but I don't think it's the proper umbrella for my channel.) If anyone has gone through this or a similar situation, let me know your thoughts on what I should do, okay?
  15. Yeah I'd have to agree with Forticon. The price for that 660 is pretty high but you wouldn't really be able to play a lot of games at a good framerate with it. You also have a lot of mail-in rebate items in the listing, so be aware of that (though I have a feeling you already do) If you're planning on OCing your processor, why not get some OC RAM too?