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Atrias Naradan

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  1. Well yes, of course games can still succeed without a gimmick. The same as cellphone sales can still succeed without the invention of smartphone...and even nowadays there are actually people who don't buy smartphone. It's always a choice
  2. Well, that's great and all. But honestly, i would probably only go back playing Diablo 2 and any other old games for when no new games attract me at the time.
  3. If it's just visual VR, then being stuck in the game won't happen. All you ever need to do is just shut the game down. The idea behind .Hack// and SAO were that the VR wasn't just visual, but a transfer of the player conciousness through neural connection system. To make it simpler, something like the Matrix. On such system, of course we can't just disconnect people who're stucked, because their brain is still connected to the game itself. On visual VR though, it's more like what we know now by Oculus Rift, but imagine it run by scanning your whole body and using motion sensor to mimic your body movement. At least, that's what i can predict will happen by seeing the current progression in VR technology shown on some gaming conventions. Btw, if you ever play Star Ocean 3: till the end of time, that's another possibility for VR. In that game, VR system is a room where you enter it, and then the room projecting image to make it seem like you're on the game, and then projecting every PCs and NPCs you encounter. It uses motion sensor similar in concept to kinect, but more advance that it accurately detect the player body movement to detail and calculate it in order to apply the effects of the movements on the virtual environment they're in at that moment.
  4. It's because of the sexual part of the first story of the web novel. It was first become a hit because of that part where supposedly the main protagonist had sex with the main heroine when they're stuck in a game, and the writer make the sex scene written in more detail (basically hentai). The hype over that is what led me into checking it out. But, in the end of the story of the first season, i for one just can't get past the lacklusterness of the story, considering there are plenty stories of the same plot (death on MMO = death in real life type of plot) that's much much better and intriguing to watch, such as .Hack//. Anyway, i have to strongly disagree with anyone who says .Hack// as anything at the level of SAO....Hack// is way above. That one was simply epic. .Hack// was and still is the overall best of that type of story i ever watch/read.
  5. Try Enclave, if you haven't.
  6. The tough part for that is, we never saw angry OJ...i mean reviews on AJS channel should be filled with angry rants when needed. On the other hand though, i would like to see OJ angry rants too. The usually calm OJ put on angry mode...i wonder how it would look like
  7. You call Kanye West as the representative of humanity??
  8. I can give both vampire and werewolve bite on DC side, no charges. You can message me here or try to contact me @Naradan in game when i'm online (mostly on weekends).
  9. So, yeah, hi...i just joined and finished reading some rules of the forum, so i guess got to introduce myself. I'm Atrias Naradan, been a fans of the show on Youtube for probably a bit more than a year, but just noticed this website today after watching AJ on twitch...and here i am joining, because why not Anyway, i'm currently only playing Elder Scrolls Online and Skyforge on MMORPG genre. On single player genre, i currently playing Fallout 4. My personal favourite genres are Action & Adventure, RPG, and Strategy. My very personal wish in gaming is for a 1997 strategy game called Spellcross to get a remake/reboot.