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    Helsinki Finland
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    I enjoy writing, reading, poetry, playing different kinds of games and above all nature hiking which is a passion of mine. Also Pen-and-Paper gaming is my thing.

    My main platform for playing games is the PC.

    Here are the games i'm currently playing.

    - Grim Dawn
    - Cities: Skylines + dlc
    - XCOM 2

    - Fallout 4 is on cooldown for the time being.

    I also own a 3DS

    PnP games i've enjoyed include: Vampire the Masquerade, Call of Cthulhu and the D&D Forgotten Realms campaign setting. The problem was and still is finding the right people who also like to play these kinds of games.

    My life's goals include the following: To become a published author someday, to help people who are in need and at some point to start my own family and a home filled with love and honesty built on a solid foundation.

    I know that might sound old fashioned but that's because i'm a slightly old fashioned girl who values the meaning of family and family ties.

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  1. My thoughts about the teaser in bullet point form. - I absolutely loved the teaser and how it didn't give away the plot. Loved it more than the first TFA teaser. - And i'm glad there seems to be a lot of practical effects involved, making the movie a bit more tangible than Episodes I-III were. - Especially glad to see Felicity Jones, Mads Mikkelsen and Forest Whitaker together in a movie. - Jyn Erso, played by Felicity Jones, seems to be edgy and streetwise so I fell in love with her character right away, unlike Rey in TFA. Rey was cool, but she seems to be too perfect already. But time will tell of course how her character turns out. Plus Jyn Erso is older, so Felicity Jones isn't playing some child. - Basically this is the Dirty Dozen in space. - Mon Mothma. Hopefully she'll have a big part in the movie. - Made me wonder if Disney really can leave it all to a single movie, and not develop a sequel if the setting turns out to be good. Rogue Two? This was about it.
  2. Seems you've really put some thought into this. I have no opinion on the scene as I haven't seen the movie yet, but its always interesting to read, or in this case actually see an in depth analysis of a scene. Good work.
  3. Very Off topic: Hi again Rain! It's been a while. I hope you've been well. Carry on.
  4. Welcome Kovan! WoW.. brings back some good memories , so thanks for mentioning it in your introduction. I used to play a lot of WoW but nowadays i've managed to cut down on that by a lot. But it's awesome to meet another fellow WoW'er , so well met! You made some good points there Kovan. Work and family always comes first so thumbs up for mentioning that too. Enjoy your stay, and be happy !
  5. Thank you for taking the time to make this review.
  6. I haven't seen the movie yet, so I can't say wether it's good or bad but the trailers make it look good. I also love some of the dialogue too. And WW of course. But still i'm contemplating if I should wait for the Bluray release instead. Especially the longer version for the best experience. Oh well, i'll just have to see what i'm going to do. Going to see it in 2D though, this much is certain. The Angry Review ( the spoiler free one ) was a good watch and peaked my interest even more.
  7. Hello Nick. And a big welcome to the AJSA. Angry most of the time, huh? Hmm, not sure what we can do about that inner rage except maybe cure it with some peaceful video gaming? Joking! Haha. Anyway, enjoy your stay and be happy... and less angry
  8. Hi Rotflmaster and welcome aboard. Nintendo, nice! There's a company you an rely on making quality games suitable for almost everyone. I own just a 3DS but it's all good fun. Hopefully you'll find more like minded gamers to share your thoughts with. Enjoy your stay!
  9. Hello Kalle and welcome to the AJSA. There are many geeks here, me included, so you've found yourself in the right company. Hahaha. Anyway, I hope you find some friends to share thoughts with and most of all enjoy your stay with us. Best wishes.
  10. Hello and welcome Herc, to the AJSA Plenty to do here, so enjoy your stay!
  11. First of all, Snapplemonkey; Your word is not law, so please you try to understand that. Your in no position to say someones career is irrelevant like it's a fact. You have of course your opinion which is fine, but stop correcting me like you knew better. Because you don't know. And i'm sorry if you feel like arguing whenever I voice my opinion. My suggestion is, stop obsessing over things I write. It's okay to have a difference of an opinion. This feminism thing was settled last evening, so please don't try to start a new debate. Talk about Ghostbusters 2.0 if you want though since the thread is about the movie. Our debate with Mr_ Meatshield was both good and fruitful and both of us said what we wanted to say, and it was settled in private afterwards so please stay out of it as it doesn't concern you anyway. My opinions about GotG are my own, so respect them please as I don't base them on the opinions of others. The first Avengers was actually a pretty good movie and which I liked which was why AoU felt like a mess. A rare thing when it's a comic book movie. And like I said to you earlier, don't read what you don't like. Just don't try to shut me up. A movie I would consider as a good movie is Room. Just saw it. Very powerful and moving. Puts things in perspective. But Ghostbusters 3 I'm still looking towards that one as I like the older movies, even Ghostbusters 2 . Especially the painting.
  12. Whoever made this thread, thank you! Wow, people just have the craziest dreams haha! I'm running out of likes here! Hopefully this thread will last for a while
  13. I made my statement for this thread and this community ONLY, and therefor proves only one thing; that i'm afraid of being labeled as a man hater by a few individuals in this community who twist the ideals of feminism to serve their own agenda. Which is to discredit true feminism and its representatives at any cost, and the achievements it has won. Yeah, afraid. For real. And what it would bring with it. That alone should say something. That I'm actually afraid in this community to speak my mind. As my final words i'm going to end this discussion with this; At the end of the day, it was still Ms. Watson who made the speech in the UN and it was well received by many people. It was pure, and it was honest and most of all moving. So, i'm glad she got her voice heard and her message out. For us all. At least it offered hope and a dream of a better future for the all of us than, say, the hate mongerings of such an anti-feminist, misogynists like the amazing atheist or the likes of him who make noise without bite. Spreading hate which flows like bile from their lips. At least feminism ( the real kind ) is respected and valued among smart and intelligent people who try to make a better world for everyone. While I myself am a nobody really, I value someone who made even my voice heard. And how could that be a bad thing?
  14. Thank you for the videos. In Finland a woman's euro is 80 cents and it's not called discrimination over here so you can't take it to court. So, Mr. Klavan's point is party invalid, as well as the point made in video 3 about the wage gap which is very much a real thing. " Cutie pie ", " Hot English Tomato? " So, i'm expected to take Mr. Klavan seriously after these remarks? Comedy or not. Respect please. I don't see Mr. Klavan speaking in front of the UN. For the record; i'm not anti male despite identifying myself as a feminist. The last video, the Canadian MGTOW felt like nothing more an perversion mockery of the excellent speech held by Ms. Watson in front of the UN. About men building up the infrastructure? Grasping at straws here. Guess who took care of your children and made the house work while you supposedly were building up the infrastructure? The gentleman from freedom radio? and who's name I didn't get made good arguments. But for Ms. Watson's behalf, he doesn't know her childhood like she does. Maybe she was discriminated and seen as " bossy " just because she had her own ideas about the plays they were going to perform. No one can say for sure. The best video was the first one. The second one felt more like comedy and the third one someone subjective opinion made to sound like the truth. The fourth one-- I'm not going to even get there. In conclusion; Good points were made ( vid 1 ) some factual errors ( vids 2 and 3 ) and a pure mockery ( vid 4 ). Everyone has the right to think and to feel whatever they want, but feminism also has an equal right to exist as long as it's not perverted into something it's not. The hate towards men, or any group such as religious ones. A need for special attention or treatment just because you're a woman. Sorry for the strange way I replied. I tried to write this while listening to the videos. I know I missed a lot. Now, back to Ghostbusters.
  15. https://youtu.be/c9SUAcNlVQ4 A very good speech, and worth listening to. Both for men and women.