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  1. StarGlare liked a post in a topic by MariaOlivia in Hello   
    Well me fellow WoW- player 
    Dance fever!

  2. MariaOlivia liked a post in a topic by Snapplemonkey in Batman V Superman Angry review.   
    Laws of physics include tire traction, if you have good enough traction for the surface you're driving on and you have good enough breaks, you can come to a stand-still instantly. Won't be as comfortable for the person inside, he'll feel a couple of G's depending on his speed, but it's not "against the laws of physics".
    Also I re-watched the clip and drew a little diagram:
    EDIT: The forums are a bit buggy, can't seem to post the image, so here's a link http://imgur.com/jxLJW4x
    As you can see in the first and third panel, doing nothing would have just finished the drift and allowed him to continue to pursue the Kryptonite, and had he hit the breaks he would have either spun out of control in the same direction he was already going or if the traction was good enough he would have just stood still. Accelerating would end his drift early and steer him directly towards Superman.
    EDIT #2: Before someone says he was drifting into Superman already. If he had drifted into Superman then his angle of approach would have him hit Superman with the front left of the car and spun outwards towards the middle of the street. Instead he hit Superman with the front center/right of the car, spinning the back of the car into the wall.
    EDIT #3: I know it's silly arguing about this, but to me it goes to show how emotionally unstable Batman was at the time, so much so that he abandoned his immediate mission just to see if he could damage Superman. Remember this is the first time Batman had been up close to Superman at this point, he had no idea of the extent of Superman's invulnerability.
  3. MariaOlivia liked a post in a topic by Xkullibor in Hi! I'm a man!!   
    Hi ofFireandStone!!
    Thnak you for the welcome!!
  4. MariaOlivia liked a post in a topic by Xkullibor in Hi! I'm a man!!   
    Hi Olivia!
    Thank you for the welcome!!
    I ll try being more positive  
  5. Xkullibor liked a post in a topic by MariaOlivia in Hi! I'm a man!!   
    Hello Nick.
    And a big welcome to the AJSA.
    Angry most of the time, huh?  Hmm, not sure what we can do about that inner rage except maybe cure it with some peaceful video gaming?
    Joking! Haha.
    Anyway, enjoy your stay and be happy... and less angry
  6. Mr_E_Meatshield liked a post in a topic by MariaOlivia in Batman v Superman - Meaty Movie Reaview   
    Thank you for taking the time to make this review.
  7. MariaOlivia liked a post in a topic by Kovan in Hello from Kovan   
    Just thought I'd introduce myself.  Been a long time follow of the site now for a quite a few years.  I love gaming and ever since I kicked the WoW addiction (haha.....seriously there needs to be councils and help for those people) I've been lacking in a community to play with.  Work and family come first so I'm not as hardcore as I used to be but I'm always up for some fun game time.  
  8. MariaOlivia liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in Batman v Superman - Meaty Movie Reaview   
    Spoiler Discussion being uploaded now.
  9. Apex Spartan liked a post in a topic by MariaOlivia in Trailer for the New Ghostbusters Movie   
    I made my statement for this thread and this community ONLY, and therefor proves only one thing;  that i'm afraid of being labeled as a man hater by a few individuals in this community who twist the ideals of feminism to serve their own agenda. 
    Which is to discredit true feminism and its representatives at any cost, and the achievements it has won.
    Yeah, afraid. For real. And what it would bring with it. That alone should say something. 
    That I'm actually afraid in this community to speak my mind. 
    As my final words i'm going to end this discussion with this;
    At the end of the day, it was still Ms. Watson who made the speech in the UN and it was well received by many people. It was pure, and it was honest and most of all moving. So, i'm glad she got her voice heard and her message out.  
    For us all.
    At least it offered hope and a dream of a better future for the all of us than, say,  the hate mongerings of such an anti-feminist, misogynists like the amazing atheist or the likes of him who make noise without bite. Spreading hate which flows like bile from their lips.
    At least feminism ( the real kind ) is respected and valued among smart and intelligent people who try to make a better world for everyone.
    While I myself am a nobody really, I value someone who made even my voice heard.  And how could that be a bad thing?   
  10. MariaOlivia liked a post in a topic by PlasticFrogCG in How many girls are on AJSA?   
    Oh, wow, that's just horrible! I supposed I have my parents to thank for raising me right and the fact that I have two younger sisters who game, though not on my level.
    Wait...I mean is they prefer different games and don't play as often as I do! D'oh!
  11. MariaOlivia liked a post in a topic by Herc in Hello   
    Hello Everyone, 
    Just wanted to put in an introductory post.
    My main reason for joining this group is to find some people to play the division with me as none of my friends want to or don't have the money to buy it yet but, maybe i will find other games you guys play that I also play (I know you guys had/have a Planetside 2 group not sure if that is still going) 
  12. MariaOlivia liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in GHOSTBUSTERS - Angry Trailer Reaction   
    What's wrong with the car? I don't think it's that bad:

    compared to:

  13. MariaOlivia liked a post in a topic by Rain in Trailer for the New Ghostbusters Movie   
    Ok the feminism talk has gone on long enough and should never have begun in the first place. There is a time and place for that and these forums are neither. I am grateful it isn't an argument but merely points of view...however, still has to stop unfortunately because it's seriously derailed from god awful Ghostbusters 2.0.
  14. MariaOlivia liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in Strangest Dream You've Ever Had?   
    Most. Of. The. Time.
    The most recent one I can remember is when I dream I was doing a test for an exam for university, or something, and the exam's question makes no sense at all. So I of course, failed the test, and have to go to another place to do the exam. For some reason. So as I got out of this university to this new area, I immediately got transported into an airport. And then I do another test inside the airport because apparently the whole place has been used as an exam area. Then I do the test that I had no idea what it's about at all,
    and then I woke up. Funny how I dream about university tests even though I already graduated 4 years ago.
  15. MariaOlivia liked a post in a topic by Laserrifle125 in Strangest Dream You've Ever Had?   
    I once dreamed that I became the ruler of a small Arabian nation and that I managed to create forcefields that could protect the country just about anything, have it run on purely green energy and get colonists on Mars in 2018 while most countries (with the exception of a few European countries) were dealing with an energy crisis (it was particularity bad in the US and China) and the world was on the brink of World war III. 
  16. MariaOlivia liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in GHOSTBUSTERS - Angry Trailer Reaction   
    For comparison:

    This seems to be a case of simpler is better.
  17. Mr_E_Meatshield liked a post in a topic by MariaOlivia in GHOSTBUSTERS - Angry Trailer Reaction   
    Thanks for adding a picture for those who might not recall what they looked like in the trailer. 
    At least they left the logo, and didn't try to reinvent that! *
    *[ Shhhhh-- better not give Sony any ideas.. ]
  18. MariaOlivia liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in GHOSTBUSTERS - Angry Trailer Reaction   
    For me it's something about those orange, for the lack of a better term, straps that wrap around the jumpsuits. Something bugs me about it, and it just makes the suits look awful.
    I get that they probably want to look different from the original, but darn this just looks bad:

    Is it to match the straps on the new proton packs? I get that those may also be reflectorized, for night time busting, but I think having it go around the chest is a bit overboard.
    I do like the look of the Kristin Wiig's character though, and I don't usually like that hairstyle.
  19. MariaOlivia liked a post in a topic by wdishon in Ghostbusters Trailer Review:My Thoughts/Concerns   
    The trailer for the new ghostbusters reboot has finally arrived,receiving an incredibly negative response from it's fans. This is my overall opinion on the trailer,talking about my concerns for the movie and what I would like to see in it.

    If you enjoyed this video please consider subscribing to my channel https://www.youtube.com/user/wdishon111/videos and follow me on twitter @thegoldenmunk1
  20. MariaOlivia liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Strangest Dream You've Ever Had?   
    Like 2and900 said, this occurs mostly when you sleep on your back. When I talked about my dream, it also happened to me because I remember waking up on my backs. 
    There is this case which often happens where people report seeing "Shadow people" when waking up at night. Like shadow figures walking around the room like ghosts and many people thought they were being adopted by aliens lol or some entities got in their room and it's actually common to see shadow figures like that, just like you saw shadow clouds. It's a result of sleep paralysis and like 2and900, it can be scary, because you can't move and you see scary things.
    I had a very similar experience once and it was the scariest thing I've ever had. I was like 12 years old and since then I sometimes sleep with my lights on even now. That moment was so scary that even now when I know there is nothing in my room, I still have this legit fear and I don't want it to happen to me again.
    I was sleeping in my room and I turned off  the lights. I slept for maybe like 20 30min, it wasn't even a deep dream, I don't know if I even did fall asleep. Anyway I remember I had a feeling of presence and I opened my eyes and saw like human shape, but it was dark like a shadow because it was too dark in my room and it looked like it was coming towards me, trying to grab me. I screamed for my parents and I remember turning around quickly with my both legs and started waving with them like a maniac towards the figure trying to kick it away. After doing that for 5 seconds the thing just dissapeared and I got up quickly to turn on the lights. My parents walked in like 30 seconds later and I had no idea what to say to them.
    To this when I think about it, I get chills. It was terryfing and even now sometimes I'm afraid of sleeping in dark. I often have random feelings of presence which is natural I think so that's fine, but I can't explain what happened so that I saw that thing. My theory is since I had my eyes closed for a while and when I opened them so sudden, like shapes that I imagined in my head were still there like in my eyes. It's hard to describe what I mean but it happens often. If you look towards a object now and quickly close your eyes, you will still be able to see it's shape like inside while your eyes are closed, which I think happened to me but just vice versa.
  21. MariaOlivia liked a post in a topic by Snapplemonkey in Strangest Dream You've Ever Had?   
    My sister actually had a similar dream when we were younger. She  dreamt she was awake and that the figure of a man was shining through from behind the curtains of our bedroom window. We slept in bunk beds and I was awake most of the night. I knew for a fact she was sleeping with her eyes closed, so even if you think you're awake, you're actually sleeping. 
    As for my dreams, I don't really remember them anymore. Haven't remembered a dream since my early teens.
  22. asterios liked a post in a topic by MariaOlivia in Hello Angry Army   
    Hello Asterios, and welcome to the AJSA 
    I hope you will find people from our community with whom you can play LoL with.
    Enjoy your stay!
  23. Apex Spartan liked a post in a topic by MariaOlivia in Strangest Dream You've Ever Had?   
    Apex; I was going to Like your post but seeing how scary your experience was i'm not going to press Like.. 
    Nice sig by the way 
  24. MariaOlivia liked a post in a topic by Lightning in GHOSTBUSTERS - Angry Trailer Reaction   
    Either way is fine with me. Moving on then.
  25. MariaOlivia liked a post in a topic by Mexiguy in Trailer for the New Ghostbusters Movie   
    No one is attacking or even talking about feminism in here, it's just about a movie that looks crappier by the second and just so happens to pander to feminists.