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    Hey guys my names Shikariferrarii and i love video games I've recently started my own youtube channel where i talk about how compaines could create our favourite video games, film and TV. Here's a link to my channel if you want to check it out =] https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC65cstF2j337UNHTwbJtFuA

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  1. Hey army ere is a video of me playing and talking about rainbow six and more if you check it out cheeerss
  2. Hey army ere is just a lil video of me playing some multiplayer if you check it out cheers! =D
  3. Hey army here is my review of doom if you check it out thank you RIP AND TEAR! XD
  4. Hey army heres is a video where i ramble on about Better Call Saul loved this season can't wait for next season what do you want to happen ? if you check it out thank you =]
  5. Hey army just bought rocket league and it's such a blast go grab it ! and you'll see im flying the greatest flag ever XD if you check it out cheeeerrrss
  6. Hey army another video for you this time my impressions on gears of war 4, if you check it out thank you ! =]
  7. hey army haven't done this in a while here is a long overdue MK matchup video if you check it out thank you =D
  8. Hey army here is a video of me flying across the screen half the time XD in some crazy grifball matches, if you check it out thank you =]
  9. Thanks to you both praise the sun! =D
  10. Hey guys here is my short review on dark souls 3 if you check it out thank you =]
  11. Hey guys here is another video of me playing some multiplayer on halo multi team matches again next one got some fun griffball matches if you check it out thanks! =]
  12. Hey guys here is my ideas for Daredevil season 3 , my thoughts on season 2 and an idea for a punisher solo series, what do you guys think will happen in season 3 and are you hoping for a punisher solo series ? hope you enjoy
  13. And yeah I make sure I put games in that I lose also what's the fun in just putting the ones you win? XD
  14. Thanks for the offer buddy =], yeah the length may put people off but if it were me I want to see the full matches so that's how I like to do it haha , yeah I agree with the Indy films they are all ridiculous in those own way I love them to death still those films are my childhood =D, crystal skull I can still watch but not as much as the other 3, I'm looking forward to the 5th film give Harrison ford one more go with the hat I think he did Han Solo well so do the same for Indy
  15. Hey guys here is a video where i play 3 matches of halo, im much better at halo then my last video on COD XD, if you check it out thank you =]