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  1. If you require a guild invite, you MUST whisper one of us officers ingame. We play on the Calpheon E2 channel and is required in order to send a whisper/receive an invite. The best way is to add one of us and whisper us once you see we are online with your AJSA profile name. This is the quickest and only way to join due to the way guild invites work in the game. Officers: Hexcode, Trieda. Note: If you so desire, you may post in this thread with your family name to notify one of the officers listed above of who is being added.
  2. Not sure if you still are looking for information on this however Heve is best for Ranger as some of the skills scale damage off maximum HP. Hope that helps.
  3. Our guild on Edan isn't close to full yet. We are at 70/80 capacity currently with 20 more coming as we unlock them. ​Anyone that wants an invite must submit a PM ingame to Trieda / Anablue / Panzerfaust / Ridill / AJSA.
  4. More passes are available through Bast on his livestream if interested. www.twitch.tv/bast_50
  5. Those awaiting invites, the guild is currently full and you must be online and ready to PM an officer when spaces open up. PM Trieda, Anablue, AJSA, Ridill or Panzerfaust for an invitation. Please do not spam or beg as we have limited spaces available.