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  1. i thoughts go out to his family. He will be missed rest easy Monty
  2. i got ruby and am currently i am working on the dex so if anyone can get me a treecko id appreciate it
  3. i like her work, she did the halo theme as well which is great
  4. I CANT WAIT FOR THIS!! i glad to see them bring back the original kids (tho i got nothing against the 3rd and 5th season, the tamer and data squad ones) i hope it is a bit more serious but still have the humor. oh and on the point of pokemon, the only good thing bout the show was the eng dub theme song
  5. but on the same note there wont be Levi, personally one of three characters i liked from AoT (Mikasa and the one chick who studied the titans being the other two) i may not care for this idea but i will say i think the art style they used for this is pretty good
  6. i agree with Emphase why is this a thing i like marvel and AoT is ok (in my opinion) but does there really need to be a cross over
  7. thanks burbles for sharing this O.O dear lord that ult looks scary for the receiving end
  8. quick question does log horizon have an English dub for the first season?
  9. thats good to hear oh and if your running a normal monster deck shouldnt you be running rescue rabbit?
  10. welcome back hope all is well as for the Raigeki im excited to start using mine again lol might as well replace dark hole for most decks
  11. is the "fate/" series worth a watch?
  12. Cross Ange looks interesting might give that a try and i need to watch the first season of log horizon before season 2 is out
  13. playing as the darkspawn in that one dlc was more interesting fight then the base game ending (i too used the ballista spam skill)
  14. i agree about kain i just meant the fight with the boss itself was difficult and, when beaten, you felt accomplished at least i did
  15. come on, no one mentions marauder shields from ME3 best boss the game never had lol but in all seriousness the bosses square enix knows how to make some good final boss fights, kingdom hearts and FF4 bosses stand out the most. Also i remember the metroid prime from the 1st metroid prime game was a challenging final boss