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  1. As the title states i'm curious as to what fellow community members favorite games that just seemed to not get the support/marketing they needed to be successful. One of my favorites is a mystery/adventure game known as murdered:soul suspect that I never even heard about until steam introduced the queue system and I found it by chance and I feel that it disappeared because of poor marketing. So seriously what games would you love to see get more word of mouth and see a sequel to that maybe other members don't know about?
  2. Sorry I haven't been on in a few weeks I wound up getting distracted with real life, but I wanted to say thank you all for the welcome.
  3. So Last night I was playing XCOM2 trying to finish my legendary run when I started encountering the dreaded steam glitch. For anyone who hasn't dealt with this count your blessings It renders the game unplayable until you restart your computer and even then theres a 50% chance of the game not working. Anyway after I finally got the game to launch I was starting up the final mission when the game crashed twice and broke one of my Saves... *For anyone who doesn't know what the steam glitch is, it's when you start the game and get to the launch screen the steam installation screen pops up at 1% and the game fails to load. After a few seconds the game stops launching so you have to restart your computer as it states that steam isn't running any longer. And if you verify cache it will say theres something wrong and proceed to download the missing file only to have the glitch happen again.
  4. Hello everyone, i'm a new recruit to the AJSA forums, i've been watching joes stuff for a while but decided to join the army because why not lol.