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  1. So? I have 1 Battlenet friend who is always in a different game. Doesnt matter really, just playing an hooking up with random people is nice...
  2. Hahah... very very cool... !
  3. Thanks! I love sniping to, kinda like Enemy at the Gates (the Movie). sniped 1 or 2 enemies, move to another position. Snipe 1 or 2 enemies again, move again to another position. But fast paced is also a tricky one, but very do-able, just watch your surroundings like a fucking Hawk. hahaha... And McCree... u know... it's always High Noon, somewhere.
  4. If u are playing on PC u should def check out G2A or Kinguin from time to time. There offers are low at some point. I love the Widowmaker, and looking at your signature i figure you also. Awesome. Heck even made a little video
  5. True. But if Bastion would be Play of the Game every game that would kinda suck, cause everybody want to shine it they are doing mad skills. And then this fucker comes around the corner. Well, still gonna enjoy every bit of the game. Loved the Beta.
  6. I know. Pathetic if some realy thinks they are good in the game. They should try a different character for once. Then they will call u a cheater because they suck balls at Overwatch.
  7. Hellz Yeah! They should nerf the F out of Bastion
  8. Bastion as Bastion in Bastion's Play of the Game
  9. That Bastion and his fucking turrent. Cheap Play of the Game. Everytime!
  10. Playing with random or AJSA members has its charm. As long as there not kids shouting in my ear im good.
  11. Awaiting the review. Dont know yet. Epic Games is usualy good, but there are more releases like Paragon. Battleborn performed well with the Open Beta last week.
  12. Played it last weekend with the Open Beta. This game blew me away! Just pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe Edition via Kinguin. Decided to make some more Battleborn (music) videos also. This game got me HOOKED!
  13. I have played it for 2 days. Some incursion PvP and Story Mode.... Decided to get this game def.
  14. In dedication of the Battleborn Open Beta i made a editted/remix Battleborn video with some hyping music. How do u al feel about the Open Beta btw? Enjoy
  15. Seriously gonna pick this one up. Also Overwatch i guess. Cant decide between those 2.