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  1. Discovered this game on steam when I was bored. My best friend and I couldnt decide what to play, so we looked for some trashy coop game to record and upload to our channel. This game gave us lot of "WTF´s" and "LOL!!!!" and it comes at a cost of 0.99€ (dont know the dollarprice). If you like trashy fast paced arcade shooters to cheer and laugh about, this is your game. It´s one of theese "so bad that its allready good again" games. Try it out, play it coop and have fun. According to the price I´d guess its a 10/10. Worth every cent!
  2. Uuuuh, underrated games. I know plenty of them. First of all, Tom Clancy´s Endwar. OK, Endwar wasnt that stunning, but the voice command system worked well and the balancing was fine. I cant remember anything bad about it. And I´m sad voicecommand stuff vanished from more present RTS. Master of Orion 3 ... yeah thats a tough one for some people. And I can fully understand why MOO fans hated the third installment of the series. But (after it was fixed) its a great game, that really makes you feel like running an EMPIRE! And a game called "Silver" from uuuh... I think infrogrames. I´m not even sure if this game exists in english language. But at its time it was an outstanding RPG that for some reason was completely under the dome. If I had to recommend one of theese... Silver would be the choice as it is really UNDERRATED.
  3. I´m not really bound to any specific subgenre here. But I clearly prefer large scale strategy games. So mostly slow paced RTS and Turnbased Strategy games. But the range is fairly wide. From TW series, over MOO3 up to Wargame. I love to have lots of strategic options instead of tactical options only. I´m not afraid to invest tons of time into one great campaign. And I´m not afraid to do a lot of micromanagement. I love Civ 5 & BE, but for me they are a little to shallow. I´d love them to have more depth, slower pace more variety etc.
  4. Thats why I hate season pass.... cause you subscribe for something you have no idea what value it might offer.... Bad joke inc: so on the season pass.... I gotta pass ;D
  5. The game is great in general, but for me it has one huge problem.... and yes..... again its traffic.... Allright, its not as fucked up as in other games! It generalle works as supposed, especially with good planning.... except one thing... On crossings where multilane streets come together in a Y shape, or when you have a 3 lane road come down from the highway onto your mainroad... they only use ONE!!! damn lane, even when they have 3! On such crossings traffic lights make it even WORSE! I strongly recommend a few traffic mods to you! One of them to place/remove traffic lights as they are BULLSHIT on some crossings and highway ramps.... If you want to spend even more time into it, there are some great lane management mods like "Traffic ++"
  6. For me the performance issues are gone since the last update of the game (and the latest GPU driver update) I´m running it on the R9 280DD from XFX. There is only one small "lag" whenever the loading scene ends and you can start the mission ^^ (when the start button gets available) Its a good game! I can recommend it, what really dragged down the FPS in the game previously was the AA, but now its fine.
  7. I will get a shitton of hate now.... but I really loved MOO3 .... Yes I can understand that fans of MOO & MOO2 hated the third installment of the series... and yes I understand that it was fucking buggy and fucked up at release... Probably the worst point of MOO3 is the name of the game. As its so very different from its predecessors. But is it a bad game? NOPE! Hell no, its not! Its a very decent 4x game with a steep learning curve, and yes you have very indirect control of your empire. But thats what makes you feel like really running an Empire! No direct research? Yes you do it in "levels" but feels right for the game. As one new technology level gives you lot of new stuff. Also the game gives you plenty of options. Specialise your planets, or make them all average? Your call! Research or production? You choose! War is great, but also very indirect. You design ships with a simple "space" system. As a corvette gives you 99 space, and every component needs some space.Sounds simple in the first place, but as there are so many parts to unlock, you have tons of options. Build cheap and simple glass canons? Or do you prefer heavy and well protected carriers? Outclass or outprduce your opponents! (or do both if you have the most powerfull industry of all) What falls really short are the "RTS space battles" .... they are crap. So if you LOVE micromanagement, the large scale and the idea of being an emperor instead of a commander than MOO3 will be epic for you!You can get it on GoG, runs perfect without any bugs. P.S. I never got into the first two MOO´s and I´m not a fan of Galactic Civilizations either.... so the new MOO doesnt attract me. Share Your thoughts
  8. Hello everyone, I´m Lyzion a very eager player from germany. I wanted to join the AJSA cause I´m passioned in playing games of all kind. I´m also kinda "angry" sometimes when I play, so the "Angry Army" just seemed perfect. But despite me yelling at my PC sometimes, I have lot of fun playing games. My anger is more some sort of satire. As germany doesnt have that great gaming communities and I´m used to play with people from all around the world I´d like to apply here. Games where you could find me are BF4, Rocket League and mostly War Thunder. See you guys around here or in some games And happy fragging (not to confound with fracking)
  9. Well the greatest difference between the games are the dynamics. While WoT plays quite stiff from position to position, cover up and a hitpoint system, War Thunder has no hitpoints and playes more dynamic. So in WoT you have clear fronts and less driving, in War Thunder you can move a lot wich allows more different situations. Also the damage system is very different. As the sort of ammo matters way more in War Thunder. Also In War Thunder you have no hit points, so you got to aim for the opponents crewmans, to kill them OR inflict so much damage on the enemy tank it is unoperable. To me War Thunder feels more alive, so I´ll stay with it. Tough WoT has its advantages as its a more straight front on front confrontation, where a flanking enemy doesnt mean your fucked up by default, as War Thunder has lot of "oneshots".