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  1. Someone mentioned this game on my intro thread and I ended up buying it not long after. I'd definitely be interested in playing with some joejoebro's. Can I message you my steam name? Not sure if it'd be ok to post it here cause it's kind of...dirty.
  2. He's a human being that has a life to live beyond his work. Who knows what's going on in his personal life, not to mention the recent..thing that happened. Can you imagine how demoralizing that could be? Or to read that people you've never met feel like you owe them something and are ragging on you even though they're not even involved in making it happen? I'd rather he take his time and do it right then rush anything. If he has fun and enjoys what he's doing then it's going to show and that's one of the main reasons I watch his content. The guy is into it and even when he gets pissed he's still going to smile and try to find the humor in it. If he were to meet every persons demands and expectations.. well, he can't, no one could, and if he did one day then it'd be even higher demands and expectations the next. Gaming, to me at least, is about having fun and unwinding, if those elements are subtracted it's.. just lame. Why even bother at that point, it's not as though he wouldn't succeed in other arena's, like movie reviews or whatever else he's interested in. Also....you know, people are saying he's sold out, implying he's not working hard enough, etc, then are annoyed when he doesn't want to come by and talk to them.. can you really blame the guy? If I were him i'd be on these forums under a different name to avoid having to deal with some of the negativity. As for working with devs and stuff.. wasn't that a goal of his? Maybe he skipped a review to have a hand in a game to make it better.. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and regurgitate an over used saying, "sometimes you have to lose a battle to win the war.". Maybe he made a mistake, no big deal, we all make mistakes, especially when we're under pressure from a bunch of people. Maybe he just decided not to review that game or felt he didn't have time. That's just my two cents. I hope everyone has a great day and that no one was offended or pissed off by my post.
  3. I think they make an awesome team and really balance each other out. But with that said I'd love to see some (other) Joe stuff. As for not being a gamer.. I dunno, I've never met either of them or spoken with them. I imagine he probably is a gamer, I'd be surprised if he wasn't. It might just be that he doesn't consider himself within the subculture of, "gamer" but rather as just a dude who plays games a lot.. that's pure speculation on my part based on no facts or evidence though. Either way, they both rock in my book.
  4. oh man, I'm going to have to dust off the old cd and get in on this.. if i can find it
  5. I know a professional writer that I think also edits and I'm guessing proofreads as well, though I'm not certain. I will contact her later today and send her a link to this post. I can't promise anything on her behalf and I don't know what her pricing is or really any other details aside from the aforementioned. She is however super into games and pretty awesome, she also has a lot of experience and is a full time career writer so.. hopefully you guys can work something out.
  6. Hey EJGarza02! I'm new and also from Washington
  7. Thanks for the welcome internet pals, I appreciate it! Pulsar looks awesome! Definitely going to have to give that game a play=D i'm down to get on teamspeak. Fair warning, i'm ok/sometimes shitty at video games, but I realize a lot of you guys and gals are elite so I really don't want to mess up anyone's scores or good time. I can sometimes be that guy that just kind of sucks and it pisses people off which I totally get. It's never on purpose and I'm sorry if it happens. For 90's/00's games; above any and all baldurs gate 2 and throne of bhaal. Fell in love with the magic system right away. I lost a good chunk of my existence to master of orion 2, total annihilation, xwing alliance (along with tie fighter, xwing, and xwing vs tie fighter), thief, homeworld, DAGGERFALL<3 and morrowind, dark forces 2, diablo 1&2, duke nukem 1, 2, and 3d and pretty much every shareware game bundled with the 3d cd, a few of the commander keens but i barely remember those, mordor 2: darkness awakening was an obsession. I played angband and zangband a few years ago but never got far on either, others too that add to the generic nature of that list. Not sure if I really played any hidden gems, maybe that one strategy game that was in 3rd person where Marduuk(?) washed up in your dimension and you basically summon magic monsters and battle..stuff. I barely remember it, just that it was amazing, especially when i got my hands on a 1600x1200 monitor and a decent 3d card years later. I spent my 90's gaming mostly on a 486 dx2 66mhz, turbo button status with a whopping 16mb ram. Back then you could shrink the screen so I was able to play games above my weightclass, but with abysmal framerates and a pretty small picture. I loved that computer but lusted after the almighty p90 and still remember the day my grandparents got themselves some gateway 2000 pc's and i sneaked on to play the interstate 76 demo and mechwarrior 2: mercenaries.. so epic to my 11 year old self. I also played MUDs, mostly Shattered Equinox (lvl86 combat noghri, other classes were fairly high too) Honestly there were so many games that blew my mind and I had a subscription to pc games and pc gamer, so most of my gaming was done through the demo discs that came along with those magazines. I'll probably stop myself there before i overdose on nostalgia. This turned into a pretty sloppy reply, sorry about that. I'm usually a bit more coherent but literally just took in a neglected guinea pig last night and haven't slept at all. Hope you all have a good one!
  8. Hey everyone, just joined and figured I'd do the customary greeting post. I mostly play nerdy space shit like eve, star trek online, and star wars online. Been playing a bit of gtav lately, definitely want to get back into dayz if I can get over my lonewolf sillyness. My true love is 90's/early2k games though. Thanks for checking out my post, hope everyone has a good day.