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    RTS and FPS games, mainly including, though not limited to, Starcraft 2, Arma 3, and Natural Selection 2. Please support the latter as it deserves more attention for how good it is.

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  1. Well that's not a very good excuse. :< There are two servers always full of players, so its more the atmosphere versus the player population actually affecting your gameplay.
  2. If you play starcraft, the RTS portion is EASY. It really simplifies everything for you. It will take a couple games for you to be an efficient commander, but provided you do the basics its very hard to screw everything up as long as you follow directions. The FPS side of things is definitely different. I can't speak for everyone, but I found the aliens were much harder to grasp than marines so I played marines until I figured the game out.
  3. Just a shameless promotion for a game that deserves more attention than it gets. Have you ever wished to be a unit in an FPS? The hero on the battlefield that gets down and dirty to capture territories? Natural Selection 2 is a team based RTS & FPS Hybrid. Two teams, the marines and aliens, fight against each other for control of resource towers. All players engage in FPS conflict. However, each team elects a Commander throughout the game to view the battle from a top-down perspective. (Traditional RTS perspective) The Commander must orchestrate the team to victory. The Commanders can drop gear, research upgrades or even place buildings that the "units" must build. Really fun, so if you're in to this kind of stuff, come support the game! (And invite your friends!)
  4. Starcraft 2! I'm currently a diamond Terran getting his face wrecked by Roach/ Ravager/ Corrupter, Disruptors, and Siege Tank Pickup! (Kill me! :>)