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  1. I've already played every single game that was suggested on this topic already lol Sorry for replying so late, had no internet in the past few weeks
  2. Hi guys I'm looking for a nice single player RPG experience with a good story and combat system. Leave any suggestions since I'm not picky
  3. Give Dungeon Defenders 2 a try, I've played it for about 25 hours now and still having fun!
  4. Hello my fellow AJSA gamers I'm new to the forum, I've been watching Angry Joe for a while now and I really like him About me: I'm an 16 year old Austrian student who is visiting High School at the moment.I like watching youtube, series (mainly Stargate, The Walking Dead and game of thrones), playing all kinds of games (from battlefield to gothic to cod zombies etc) and i like playing football with my friends. I really hope that I can integrate myself in the Angry Joe Show Army and I hope you'll welcome me with open arms Best regards Goroz