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  1. I'm sold on that Vermintide game! If anyone is up to start a team, let me know! I'm interested! Game looks fun.
  2. That trailer looks amazing. I might give it a shot
  3. Is left for dead still worth giving a try? I'm hesitant with dated games.
  4. I've been a sucker for co-op games ever since Brute force for the Xbox (Who remembers that??? haha). Just want to get a feel of other people's favorite co-op games of all time. My favorite ones (in recent memory at least), GTA 5 Borderlands (all of them) Splinter cell (most of them at least) Saint's row 2,3,4 Halo (all of them, except for the latest one. Really lackluster to me)
  5. I like the feedback. I'll start a thread this weekend or something.
  6. Sounds waay too formal for a game. I understand following a lobby's rules and enforcing them. But I understand what you mean by toxic though. I'm interested in starting it up again though. And hopefully making it a lot more fun for everyone lol. Any ideas how to get more people involved? (I'm sure I couldn't manage a lobby by myself for too long. I'm working two jobs and learning French (Believe it or not).
  7. Well, if you don't mind me asking, why did they report you for being an asshole? (further more... They can do that????).
  8. Love the responses haha. I think I'll enjoy it. I like tormenting myself because damn it I have to defeat any challenge that people place in front of me lol. That and screaming at pixels on a screen is great Cardio.
  9. That bad? The game seems like a lot of fun. I'm assuming you were involved?
  10. Guns are winning for me just off the Strength of Mass Effect. Fell in love with that setting* more than any of the other stories.
  11. .... well. Title explains it.. is there? If not, lets get this started! Edit* To be more clear, Ark: Survival Evolved
  12. ....Let me know how he feels about it. It was too much for me. turned it right back in for a refund :| *Moral of the Story* Try games out before you put it out for people to play with you. Or at least make sure you like the game....
  13. Finally forum's are back up, and I can reply lol. I think I might start with DS2 and YouTube Demon/souls Dark souls summary.. Reason being, Unless a game is timeless, I tend to get very frustrated with playing games that FEEL very dated. And from the responses here, it sounds like I might run into that. DS3 Looks amazing! I'm hoping I can be the one person who plays Dark Souls without dying! #BlindOptimisim
  14. I love the Assassin's creed series to a fault. I play every last one of them, I just refuse to pay for them at 60$ recently. The quality of the games that they've released doesn't warrant a 60$ Title. I usually wait till it's about 20 bucks before I buy it. I was one of the few people that really enjoyed Unity (well... aside from the ending). Only ones I haven't played so far is AC: Rogue (because I had upgraded to Xbox one at the time, and they didn't release it on that platform), and AC: Syndicate (which I just found on G2A for $21, so I'm probably going to pick it up this weekend). I haven't tried the 2.5D games either, Has anyone tried them? Are they worth going through? Edit: Just found out I'm missing Liberations as well, I need to catch up!!
  15. Mark of the NInja Hours: 7 Platform: PC You could probably beat this game in well under 4 Hours, but I'm sort of a stickler for doing everything "perfect" That being said, this game was much better than I anticipated. I had a few issues with the length of the game, but overall not a big issue. I would definitely recommend to anyone.