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  1. Im looking forward to playing the new: Walking Dead: Season 3 i played the other two season and the telltales version of the "Walkind Dead" is brilliant. did anyone notice how "Clementine" lost one of her fingers in the teaser trailer? I Wonder how that happen?
  2. Sounds like a good thing if it helps in the right dirrection!
  3. Please add me on PSN: Taronamic Thanks
  4. "Final Fantasy VII" Remake is going to be awesome i just hope when it comes time the Episodic episodes stand up to the name and the original "Final Fantasy VII"
  5. I know right i'm totally excited for "Final Fantasy XV" september 30th cant come by any faster!
  6. What are everyone's thoughts? About the new upcoming "Final Fantasy XV"? Coming to: PS4 & XB1 if anyone is interested in checking out the game and gameplays i recently posted gameplays parts 1-4,
  7. Thanks @ Crazycrab For that info i really appriciate it friend! I do like that song theres a few parts i really enjoy and i love the parts of the song in the Angry Joe DmC review (:
  8. Im curious to know? Does anyone know what is the Band? or the Music? playing in the Angry Joe DmC: Devil May Cry Angry Review
  9. Since the change i notice there is no donation link? has donations been removed from the *AJSA*? if the URL/link has been moved can someone please /msg me the correct link thank you YTSP Gaming
  10. I Miss Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (Playstation) PSP I wish they would port that game over onto the PS3 or PS4 console
  11. Hello Everyone! thanks for allowing me to join the AJSA Community! Im really excited to be apart of AJSA!
  12. Hello Everyone! thanks for allowing me to join the AJSA Community! Im really excited to be apart of AJSA!