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To Play - Press Start

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  1. Wow .... Not sure how I let this one slip me by. Seems like it will make up for the mistakes of the last game.
  2. The first details for Pokémon Sun & Moon have been revealed. These details come via the first footage of the game which showcases some new Pokémon including the starters and the legends. It will be released on November 18th 2016 in the US, Australia and Japan and November 23rd in Europe. The game takes place in the Alola Region and the three starters are the Grass/Flying Rowlet, the Fire-type Litten and the Water-type Popplio. The Japanese trailer also confirms that you can alter your skin pigment in the game, just like X & Y. New details have come via the official site. Rowlet knows a new move called Leafage The person who gives you your Pokémon in the games is a character named Hala Differentiation in some parts of the trailer show that the character is wearing a slightly different shirt and shorts, potentially indicating that full trainer customisation is back in.
  3. But if they were not douches .... .... There tears would not taste so sweet.
  4. The next game in the Monster Hunter series lands this summer for the 3DS. Monster Hunter Generations releases on the 15th July. This is the most customizable Monster Hunter experience to date, and it serves as a fitting tribute to the last decade of the series with a blend of brand new areas and monsters, and returning fan-favorites that have been updated and adapted to the newest generation of gameplay. Additionally, a playable demo will be released on the Nintendo eShop before Generations is out. There's no confirmed date for it, other than "this summer."
  5. It looks good, Doesn't really have much going for it besides that. I mean I can think of worst ways to spend $6 but ....
  6. Oh my Gawd that was boring!
  7. The first images from CoroCoro have leaked and have revealed two new Pokémon. Translations are preliminary. First up is Nekkoala, the Half Awake Pokémon which is Normal-type with the ability Definite Sleep which prevents it being afflicted with a status other than sleep, while the dog is Iwanko, and is a Rock-type Pokémon. It's abilities are Keen Eye or Vital Spirit. It is the Puppy Pokémon.
  8. 2 by a mile. One had some technical limitations that held it back for me (Waiting in an elevator, the somewhat bland levels and the terrible buggy thing) and three's ending completed ruined the experiance of the rest of that game. 2 had everything just right, a good story that built up as the game went on, characters of old standing confortable with newly introduced ones, easy but enjoyable gameplay and a climax that put all of your hard work on show in an epic final fight.
  9. Just started playing it yesterday. Its a great game, well worth the praise its been getting but if your a solo player then you may struggle since its built around cooperation.
  10. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/formerly-a-pc-exclusive-xcom-2-heads-to-ps4-and-xb/1100-6440514/?utm_source=gamefaqs&utm_medium=partner&utm_content=news_module&utm_campaign=homepage .... Never saw that one coming but can't say I'm not looking forward to it.
  11. My god that game is confusing. I mean I've only played the tutorials so far as the game is only 'partical installed' but still I had very little idea it what I was actually doing. Game still fun thou and I look forward to playing more.
  12. Well .... Incoming death threats.
  13. .... What reason do you have to even play the game at that point? Trolling I guess.
  14. Wonder how many of those who were banned will play the 'But I wasn't cheating' card.
  15. New info on the Legendaries, Including there abilitys and signature moves. Got to say I'm liking the Moon Legendary a lot more now.
  16. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/after-announcing-delay-no-mans-sky-dev-gets-death-/1100-6440306/?utm_source=gamefaqs&utm_medium=partner&utm_content=news_module&utm_campaign=hub_platform
  17. ps plus

    Gone Home? Sorry, I thought you said Free GAME.
  18. Twilight is master of her ships!
  19. discussion

    Is there anything to be excitied about yet? If the game is just all about flying around and looking at stuff then no I'm not that excitied.
  20. Looks good. I always keep my emblems simple.
  21. As far as I can tell from various websites Black Ops 3 has so far sold around 22.5 million copies, Even if we take that dislike figure as factual numbers (And not say Haters, alt accounts and people jumping on a bandwagon) that still leaves an impressive figure of sales.
  22. Not that I've noticed, but them I'm judging them on the newer games which you are not. Yeah the AI can be a little dumb sometimes but at least ever since around Black Ops 2 there have been some enemy variation, And each weapon feels significantly differnet for me weather it be reload times, fire rate or just sheer power, but you would have to be a veteran to notice stuff like that. As for the scripted events, personally I don't think they are that intrusive to the gameplay, certainly not as bad as you claim. And then level design while not the best out there is far from garbage, for the most part everything flows well, I rarely end up lost and at least with Black Ops 3 they have open up the areas more to allow for some freeroaming. But hey, Thats just my opinion.
  23. No, You've stated your opinion on why you think the game is garbage, That doesn't instantly make it fact.
  24. Actually I think you'll find thats the very definition of an opinion.
  25. .... Because its fun.