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  1. Yes theres official clans... Joey himself is the Crew Leader, but it seems like nobody stepped up for the commander position. Since most of the AJSA are PC based the crossover to the AJSA forums doesn't work well since GTA 5 is still only on the console. honestly Seph. i'm going to retract this suggestion. For someone who is such high rank as you i'd have to think you as a smarter person lol.
  2. it seems completely the opposite. Both official AJSA Crews are still at 300 giving the obvious indication that they haven't been maintained since January when the crew cap change from 300 to 1000 happened. Also GTA V is perfect for community events but we haven't had one. So to say is very off the mark.
  3. GTA V I think AJSA should support GTA 5. It's multi-platform including next-gen and PC with cross-platform support. GTA 5 features a persistent multiplayer world, a very nice "crews" (clans) system, customization features like an in-game logo is perfect system for the AJSA. Original post by Angry Joe about GTA V: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/16-the-official-ajsa-gta-v-xbox-360-ps3-crew/ Angry Joe already has official in-game Crews: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_angry_army http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_ajs_army_ps3 Other Players: Volunteer to have your name put here Pros: - Persistent multiplayer world - very popular content creator for custom deathmatches, races, and capture missions - solid clan system (crews) - cross-platform profile transfer - featured on XBOX 360, PS3, XBOX ONE, PS4, and PC - one of the best selling video games of all time and still played my millions of players. - new content and constant updates by Rockstar Cons: - Crews are limited to only 1000 members - PC release isn't till January 27, 2015 - recent glitches with online access caused by Rockstar's maintenance - story mode data will not transfer between consoles or platforms, only online data - garage clitches that destroy vehicles Event Ideas Angry Army (roll in huge numbers causing mayhem), custom lobby with AJSA members playing popular deathmatch, race maps.
  4. congratulations on the expansion and opening up an official EU Guild! thats awesome! Well hopefully i can get back to GW2... for right now its no games =/
  5. is there any footage of the ridiclious amount of Valkyries that the crew had flying around? I will be able to play PS2 in the near future guys so looking forward to getting back into it.
  6. solid quality drawing man.
  7. nice work man.
  8. dude a got a pink ddat awp skin on a drop a few months ago... its pretty rare skin.
  9. Well considering Blizzards standards... maybe they'll shelf it for later. The problem for Titan is that it might get stuck in "Development Hell".
  10. It's an "auto-optimize" feature that adjusts your graphics for you. Its a basic thing that most PC games use.
  11. I really hope Joe wen't straight back into review mode and is covering this game.
  12. There should be a tab on the top of the forums that links to all of the supported games. We should also have info/links to any existing clan/guild/steam group for AJSA.
  13. opportunity to bash someone in the head?? time to dust off the battlehammer ._.
  14. The current pre-alpha build of Unreal Tournament 4 is available to the public right now! It's pre-alpha but they actually have functioning multiplayer up and running. If you haven't seen I was playing with Fatal1ty the other day and it's pretty fun guys. here's the link to the UT4 pre-alpha download: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=873323
  15. Steam already is ranked like 3rd in the world for bandwidth usage... it does make sense though and the consoles have been doing this since years ago.