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    Bakersfield, California
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    Gaming, Sports, Comics........ and METAL! Rock on Angry Army!
  1. good stuff Joe, keep up the fantastic work brotha
  2. its not rocket science people, I could care less about the death battle I was just wondering what everyone elses opinion was. If you dont have an opinon or like the thread then go to a different one.
  3. um actually it was decided by the Angry Army in a poll. As for the first comment I tried to phrase it so people would know what the limitations were, pretty sure there would be a winner.
  4. The Angry Army decided Batman would lose to Superman, now lets up the stakes shall we. This fight is a chance encounter with no power limits, on Earth not near a city,
  5. give me the PS4, I'm not big on paying for things i dont want (i.e Kinnect). Plus, Sony has a better track record of exclusives than Xbox. (Naughty Dog anyone)
  6. PS4, I refuse to support a company that tried to destroy the advantage of Console Gaming, plus Naughty Dog > Any Xbox Exclusive IMO
  7. My personal favorite's are 1.) Resident Evil series 2.) Final Fantasy series 3.) Left 4 Dead series
  8. So many comics but so many more Villains, my 3 personal favorite are 1. Omega Red from X-men 2. Carnage from Amazing Spiderman 3. Joker
  9. for me it is Leon S. Kennedy, with Kratos being a close second and Joel from the Last of us coming in at number 3.
  10. for me it is the Amazing Spiderman series, Issue 300 (first appearance of Venom) still remains my favorite comic to this day. DC- It would have to be TDKR series, fantastic reads.
  11. We heard AJ's opinion on how the conflict would resolve but I am curious of who the Angry Army thinks who would win with equal prep time?
  12. For me it would have to be Vegeta from DBZ, such a bad azz and who cant love that hair do of his? Over 9000!
  13. I know it is loved by many but I couldn't agree more, I cant stand the Halo series. Too each their own though.
  14. Classics aside I would have to say River City Ransom and the TMNT series are at the top of my list along with Tecmo Bowl. I always liked the Lost Viking series as well.
  15. Oh man, the worst game for me would have to be the Walking Dead Survival Instinct, that game was hot garbage to say the least.