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  1. until

    sigh last bf4 event well lets make it the best yet
  2. until

    hell yeah try my best to be there and im bringing the ucav
  3. until

    will be there always for the battlefeild events
  4. ill help
  5. cant wait for bf1
  6. until

    hell yea ill be there and may be bring a frend FROM EA/DICE holla
  7. nice to meet all of you guys
  8. All EA games will be undergoing server maintenance on all platforms starting 11P PT/6A UTC/8A CEST with up to 15 minutes expected downtime. Thank you for your patience. The Teams at EA/DICE on 09012016
  9. until

    i will be there count on it guys
  10. fair enough im on the battlefeild side myself
  11. until

    ye ye boe that was fun last night
  12. i agree mostly but we all can agree that dice makes very good multiplayer games i mean damn lord angry joe himself did a review on bad co 2 he sayed the same things you have the campain witch is great but no cigar but multiplayer is the best now the way i see it if your good at something keep doing it if not dont keep doing it now imagin if dice could just focus on multiplayer how great a game they would make for millions to enjoy now campain is good to have i rember when i had a xbox360 with no xbox live i had battlefeild 3 i could only play the campain to me i did not care about it i got to play battlefeild that was a big deal to me at the time if it had another dev make a campain it could affect the game overal like a story line with no connection to the multiplayer it could not work
  13. until

    hell ya i will be there for that look foward to it
  14. event

    cant wait to play bf1