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  1. longsword25 liked a post in a topic by infantryman9244 in COD: Modern Warfare   
    So after the huge 18gb update i now see a battle pass for sale along with guns and operators....this is some straight up BS!  I didnt pay to get F'ed over.  
    I thought theres wasnt supposed to be any pay BS within the game but i guess everyone was wrong.  this is why i stopped playing COD and went to BF.  Looks like im going back to BF
    F acti-suck 
  2. longsword25 liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Battlefield 1 Angry Review   
    So the latest.... and in a manner of speaking earliest instalment of EA and DICE's Battlefield franchise has arrived.  Will it be a blast from the past or just old school miss fire?  AJ and OJ take to the front lines to find out!
  3. longsword25 liked a post in a topic by Luffwaffle in Battlefield 1 Angry Review   
    I agree with everything in the review except for one point.
    This is from the perspective of a Rank 10 tanker.
    Strongly disagree with the lack of customization for vehicles. Vehicle customization in BF1 is something I think DICE should be praised for instead of criticized. There is technically less, but what did we lose compared to BF4? 10% faster reload speeds? 15% less damage from rpgs? Bah, useless passive stat increases, boring. What did we gain in BF1? Every vehicle has 3 different versions that change (in some cases drastically) the way the vehicle operates. 
    For example the landship:
    The default variant is armed with a mg and a mortar for the driver, and 2 seats for passengers controlling side mounted cannons. 
    The second variant is a drastic change from the first. The driver drops the mg for a anti tank rifle and the side gunners now operate side mounted anti tank cannons that deal less damage to infantry, but major damage to vehicles.
    The third variant is less of a change from the default, but still preforms a different role than the default. It becomes a infantry support tank with the driver losing his mortar but gaining the ability to use a rear mounted mg, the side gunners still operate side mounted cannons, but the tank also gains two more seat (upping the capacity to 5) able to operate side mounted mgs.
    All the tanks and artillery truck have customization options like these. The light tank can have a light cannon, a autocannon, or a long range cannon. The heavy tank can either be armed with a whopping 6 machine guns and a driver controlled cannon to spray lead in every direction, a driver controlled cannon and two side mounted auto cannons that wreck infantry and light vehicles, or (my personal favorite) a driver controlled cannon, 2 side mounted machine guns and side mounted FLAMETHROWERS! All of the variants are armed with varying abilities they can use as well, ranging from things like supply drops for friendly infantry to defensive gas emitters to deter enemy infantry.
    If I see a Main battle tank in BF4 I immediately know what it's basic capabilities are. It's got a main cannon, a secondary weapon and some passive bonus. When I see a heavy tank in Bf1 it could be a moving fortress with 6 guys manning mgs in all directions, to a light vehicle shredding auto cannon bunker, to a flame spewing shoebox that you are praying it doesn't decide to move closer to you. 
    TLDR: BF1 improved vehicle customization by having less options but the options are more substantial.
  4. longsword25 liked a post in a topic by Ghaleon in Battlefield 1 Angry Review   
    I don't really care if you like TB or not, I mean I only watch like 3% of his videos myself, but BF1 was in fact one of them because I've been asking for a WW1 game for over 20 years...
    That said TB's review says he's ONLY reviewing the single player campaign right in the darn title! So complaining that he barely spent any time on mp and he's biased because of it is just silly. I don't know if his complaints about the campaign are true or not because I haven't played them, but you yourself haven't actually denied his claims that you feel near invincible compared to the waves of grunts you face or whatever. I can't remember if he said it was all like that after the first stage, or just that power armor stage.
    That said even in multiplayer, I can't help but feel a bit bummed that there STILL isn't a high budget ww1 fps game that's a LITTLE more faithful to the technology used in the war. Every video I see shows  people using automatic weapons, which I found Joe's video to parody well at the beginning even though I don't think OJ's first two guns were even in the game.
  5. longsword25 liked a post in a topic by RuneX in AJSA Battlefield - Code of Conduct - Xbox One   
    AJSA - Xbox One - Battlefield Code of Conduct
    Updated April 2017 [BF1, BF4 & BFH]
    1 – Much of the code of conduct for the Xbox One AJSA on Battlefield is similar to the overall Code of Conduct for the AJSA posted by our Lord Commander Angry Joe here: (http://angryjoeshow....ode-of-conduct/). Please read this thread if you have not already done so.
    2 – Respect each other. This means no put downs or harassment of your fellow members of the Angry Army. Members attend events and squad up with each other during the week to work as a team and have fun, not to be bullied or feel they are not welcome.
    3 – Be friendly. Notice a new or a long time member you never got the chance to meet until now? Say hello! Add them as a friend. Try to squad up with them on off-event hours. They may learn a thing or two from you, and vice versa. This will help build confidence and comradery.
    4 – Work as a team and play the objective. Do you like playing as a defensive Recon and using a sniper rifle? No problem. Place strategic spawn beacons around a hot flag point, spot enemies from afar and call out enemy positions to the rest of your squad. Like to be an Assault? Throw down med kits to your team mates, revive other players and keep pressure on the flag to keep the enemy away.
    You should be comfortable with your play style and shouldn’t feel guilty playing whatever class you like. Work as a team, coordinate attacking/defending the objectives and you’ll only find yourself improving and preforming better within a unit.
    5 – Be civil in victory AND defeat. We can show our strength by kicking ass and being gracious at the same time. Tea-bagging and shit talking to other players in game chat is frowned upon. While we are in our corner here in the Xbox One, we still represent the AJSA as a whole with our tags and emblem.
    Did we just pull an upset victory over another clan? Send them a message of “good game”. Did we just lose a round? Did they tea bag us the whole game? Just move onto the next round; players who act like that thrive off of getting other people upset and we don't need to give them that satisfaction. If they send you harassing messages, block them.
  6. longsword25 liked a post in a topic by RuneX in Titanfall 2 Teaser Trailer   
    Agreed, hopefully the formal June reveal will showcase some actual gameplay.
  7. longsword25 liked a post in a topic by Angry Joe in Hi I'm Deks and I like to dekstep?   
    Heya Deks! It was fun playing titanfall with ya.
  8. longsword25 liked a post in a topic by Rain in to angry joe   
    Hey there longsword25 welcome to AJSA and glad you could join us. Unfortunately, Joe does not frequent the forums nor does he have the time to respond to all his fans. Please also note that Joe doesn't openly send out invites unless you're lucky enough to be playing the game he's streaming and calls for members in chat to join him. Although the probability is close to zero, having a PC would be as close as you're gonna get to seeing Joe in a game...but again, it will be an extremely rare event.
    I hope this doesn't discourage you, there's a lot of great people here that play pretty much all games on all systems. Just browse through the forums especially in the Xbox 360 section. Again welcome, and I will be moving this to a more suitable forum section.
  9. longsword25 liked a post in a topic by DoctorEvil in I Just want to introduce myself, my name is...   
    Welcome to the AJSA!
  10. longsword25 liked a post in a topic by Angry Joe in AJSA Chain of Command - Ranks   
    All [AJSA] Individuals must obey the Chain of Command or Risk Strikes or possibly a Ban. Please be respectful to Officers and obey our structure of order. We anticipate large membership so this is very necessary to make the Angry Army function at its best! If you have a problem with authority or the reverse, with power trips, please do not apply to our community, you will be removed as soon as it become an issue. We are trying to create a fun and friendly gaming environment for all types of Gamers! Thank you for your cooperation.
    The Front Line

    Recruit - New Recruits to the Angry Army are welcomed with open arms! Recruits may participate in the AJSA and open gaming events but must prove their sincerity in participating our gaming community by “Earning their shield” and becoming a full fledged Member of the AJSA! They may do this by proving themselves friendly, dedicated, and competent on the battlefield and by participating actively on our forums.
    Recruits are Automatically Promoted to Full Member after (30 Days) with No Strikes on their Account.
    Veterans and Higher Ranks may recommend a Recruit to be Promoted sooner with at least 2 weeks of high activity.
    Officers will then review the Recruit and approve them for full membership.

    Member - Loyal, Trained and Skilled, these Soldiers are the Heart and Soul of the Angry Army! You have proved yourself among the best, congratulations! Members are also considered first over Recruits for Limited Events, Beta Key Giveaways, and AJSA Internal Prize Tournaments.
    Members represent the Angry Army within the Gaming Community and strive for excellence in any game they play!

    Veteran - Automatically awarded to members who have been in good standing for (90 days) during our first 6 months in operation. This Requirement goes up to (180 days) after our "Launch Window". Members of the Previous Angry Army may become Veterans Automatically with Commander Review and Approval.

    Veterans are considered Members for all rank purposes but whose service has been proven, respected and now recognized.

    Sergeants - An active member who goes above and beyond within the community. Training and Improving other Members gaming skills and offering regular friendly help to new recruits. This is the highest Possible Rank achievable before an Officer Rank.
    Sergeants are Hand Selected by Commanders for grooming towards an Officer Position or to simply help lead our Front Line Troops in battle. It is only from this pool that New Officers are considered in new and current games when needed. Only Sergeants and above may be considered to run new AJSA Official Games.
    When no Officers are present at an event or in-game a Sergeant will lead squads in game by default if they so choose. Sergeants do not have the power to moderate the boards or discipline other members but are trusted to inform Officers of any potential problems.
    Commanding Officers

    Game Specific Officers - These are members who have displayed an aptitude for leadership. An outstanding member of the community, they are responsible for scheduling events, meetings, training sessions and ensuring a positive gaming environment for all members in their respective game.
    Game Officers act as moderators on the forums and in game. They may add events to The Official AJSA Calendar only with Approval from a Commander. Game Officers are considered Sergeants if they are playing in a game other than their specified Game.
    (Coming Soon)
    Game Specific Admins -

    AJSA Commanders - These are Senior Officers who have displayed outstanding leadership skills. They must be diplomatic, decisive and adept at multi-tasking. They have all the powers and permissions Game Officers do. They may also act as the AJSA Server Admin’s if they have the required knowledge.
    This is the highest level of work and responsibility within the AJSA. It requires an immense amount of free time and flexibility. They oversee all of the AJSA activities within all our official games and are ultimately responsible for coordinating regular training, meetings and events with our Officers. Game Commanders are always considered Commanders regardless of what game they are playing in.

    The AJSA Council - These are the specific individuals that Lord Commander Joe relies on for advisement and executive actions. The Council determines the direction and focus of the Angry Army. Council members have the power to manage and administer all aspects of the AJSA’s direction on behalf or in advisement of the Lord Commander through majority votes. Game Commanders report directly to the council in High Command Meetings to give sit-reps on the state of the community in regular monthly meetings.
    Specialized AJSA Members

    AJS Video Personality -
    (Coming Soon)
    AJSA E-Sports Team (Captain/Member) -

    Gold Club -

    Platinum Club -

    Founders Club -

    AJSA Investor -