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  1. Thanks Doshka17 for the info! Kind of sad that there will be no more Space Marine then from the sounds of things. I would have thought that rather than immediately considered a heretic then he would be reviewed for whether he has Librarian powers first due to his psychic resistance. Can't wait to see if any more 40K games pop up on the next gen consoles and PC though.
  2. Oh Garuda2, I meant I will be using a Windows version on an iMac using bootcamp to install Windows. So will be Windows on Mac hardware! I wasn't aware there was a Mac version (would run poorly I am sure). I was just playing around with Battlelog and managed to see which local servers had the Punkbuster and Fairfight on their servers. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  3. Actually I just got stuck on the angryjoeshow forum and tried logging in there mutliple times (doh!). I wonder will be a better way to differentiate between the that forum and this one in future? On some computers it is a work computer which I cannot or would not bookmark pages so...
  4. Yes thanks. glad to see the AJSA is so widespread! Hopefully it will become a new phenomenon!
  5. Thanks for the info guys so far. I have used Macs for a while now and have invested into a lot of dedicated software for editing videos and photos which I do not want to reinvest in again. Also I use an iphone and ipad which all seamlessly work with each other and applications which i use often such as recieving Facetime calls from my family back home. You could call me an Apple fanboy but I have used many laptops and PCs in teh past especially for playing games like World of Warcraft, etc and I got tired of buggy software crashes, blue screen of deaths, frozen computers, unreliable hardware, etc that I eventually drifted to Mac which I have none of the issues I had experienced with PC before (although I may have been lucky). Space is also an issue in that I cannot have too many cables and hardware around which is why I considering the iMac due to it being an all in one. The unit will be on a window table rather than a dedicated computer desk.
  6. Wonder if anything will happen to AngryJoe's PS4 since he just got one? I think it will be impossible to do QC indivdually for the millions of consoles they will be shipping worldwide. It would delay the console by god knows how long. So i doubt any company does it other than by random sampling. Just a case of luck I think with the PS4s. Just hope that Sony's customer support is adequately prepared for this sort of thing! All the problems people have mentioned with xboxes, playstations, PCs, iphones, Sony cell phones, etc I have luckily not had to this day but I suspect that most of the problems are often due to improperly soldered components at the factory end
  7. The repetitiveness of COD made me change over to Battlefield series. The COD single player campaign is much better than the Battlefield series but the COD multiplayer has largely unrealistic gameplay physics and gun damage which really turned me away. Multiplayer is where the difference really shows. Battlefield I think gives each player a sense of co-operation and player uniqueness rather than the COD 'one man army' sort of style. So overall I think, like other people said in the forum, it depends on which style of game you are looking for: Team game or domination style! I played up to Black Ops 2 but am still thinking of getting ghosts for the older gen console (or maybe I should wait till next gen). Anyone still recommending I should try Ghosts?
  8. Upgrading when it releases where I am. I am in one of the countries which has a delayed release which is annoying because I have to purchase certain versions of games twice (with a six month gap in between) But at least by that time any software bugs should be ironed out (such as BF4) and also the list of game titles should be well established by then! Just hope there will be console packages which make the consoles seem less expensive by then too!
  9. Dawn of War series was great and finally game a proper strategy game which was much better than the older "Chaos Gate" series (The music from the game still haunts me to this day!" Any idea on if there will be a Space Marine 2 game? I thought the first one was pretty good and since the ending was kind of open ended I wass expecting the other one soon!
  10. Hi All, I'm primarily an Xbox 360 Battlefield 4 player but for this version I am seriously planning to change over to the PC version. But I have left the PC gaming community for a while now (5 years+) I am planning to purchase a 27" iMac for this which has the option of an GTX 780M(4GB) that is capable of running BF4 and of course bootcamp with Windows 7 or 8. My question is: Is it worth it and how feasible is it to use an iMac? (I know hardware wise PC is superior to Mac for gaming but I need Mac for other uses sadly) Also are there a lot of cheaters using aimbots, etc?
  11. Gamertag: SimonShek Happy to play any loadout but primarily a Recon Sniper/Anti Tank at heart. Building up my vehicle skills and unlocks at the moment. Also starting to play Rush and Obliteration modes although mostly Conquest. Not too sure how my internet will cope with most of you who are in UK/US but please add me anyway as it is hard to find dedicated Battlefield 4 players in Hong Kong (except PC).
  12. GTA V is a great openworld game and the graphics and interaction have improved vastly from the last game. Story has improved but feels odd and hard to immerse into the story due to having to switch between 3 characters all the time. Seems a bit short too I think. I have voted on it purely based on the improvements alone and can't wait for GTA VI. Multiplayer I think lets it down slightly and I found it quite boring or frustrating to play on my own.(Hence joining the Angry Army!)
  13. I think if communication (i.e. headsets) are used by all the team members then it would work but that is not going to happen more than half the time. Also newer players are more concetrated on killing and unlocking weapons and kit usually without paying attentiuon to radar or the tickets/counters
  14. Going to get an Xbox One regardless of the 'issues'. The games have been consistent with what I want e.g. Halo, Battlefield, GTA, Call of Duty and luckily I have not had any Ring of Death yet. The problem is being located in one of the 'not initial launch' countires, I am screwed over due to having to buy the games twice such as Battelfield 4 and I will not benefit from the $9.99 transition or anything like that because our local stores do not support it. Hope there will be packages or limited editions by the time it launches in the secondary countries!
  15. New member joining from Hong Kong (but hailing orginally from Scotland) Xbox 360 gamer (SimonShek) but thinking of making the transition to PC for Battlefield 4 (after the bugs have been sorted according to AngryJoe!) Anyone else out there in Hong Kong joining the Army?