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  1. Corporate commander is already throwing the money in his bed on this one. 14 million star wars fans got sucker punched into buying this game, because of dice's reputation and what they got was a poor battlefront game with no substance and lackluster grinding multiplier shitefest. Is this what we got to look forward too? Another more of the same sequel this is what i think: No confirmed single player / co-op campaign No confirmed space battles No confirmed decent multiplayer modes But we will have this: Confirmed: Overpriced DLC practices Confirmed: Exclusive emotes for pre-ordering the super duper deluxe edition for $999 - YOU GET A JEDI TO START WITH!! - WAAAAAAAAA take my money now!! Confirmed: No maps or different worlds on release all included in the SEASON PASS FOR A BARGAIN $60 after you pay $60 for the game!. Confirmed: No one will play battlefront 1 once this has released (killing off everyone that paid through the nose for battlefront 1) Confirmed: Corporate commander will have enough money from the mindless zombie fanboys to buy any country he wants and invade it with shitty game practices and corporate decisions! No denying that money talks, and as long as the sheep and lapdogs continue to buy this half assed dribble they will keep making money, and they will keep ruining AAA gaming until its the normal practice because every other company will want a piece of the pie and start doing the same old shit. Flying into a bit of a rant here (sorry lol) - it just grinds my gears, they make a below average game and then announce another one when the first one is not even been finished, its like a big up yours to everyone who owns battlefront, and saying we are bored now, we are gonna make this game instead, have fun playing in our dwindling server game fan base while we invest money into a re-skin of this game with a few new maps and features and charging you double what you paid for this, have a nice day!. If i see micro transactions in this game, people are gonna bleed, and if EA do anything like that with Mass effect 4, im going to start a war!. okay rant over......not really.... Sorry, i just see EA and shitty AAA titles getting pumped out the door. Don't get me wrong if it turns out good, and DICE actually bother with the game then fair enough. But i cant see that happening as the formula before made so much money, why would they change it now when they can just copy and paste from the first one, add a few new maps, models, emotes and make a ton more money. Oh i don't know, because the RIGHT THING TO DO WOULD BE TO GIVE THE FANS WHAT THEY WANT!!!!!!!! lol. Okay i am done now. I'm off to join the dark side and choke corporate commander.
  2. I love the look of this game, and sounds really good. However, the 49.99GBP price tag on steam is really off-putting. Talk about milking the money from the license. I love civ 5 and got all the expansions, but i waited for a sale or price drop to get it, as hardly anyone i know play these games, never experienced multiplayer CIV 5, so i got bored even with mods after quite a few hours spent. It looks good, i just hope theres no 49.99 season pass or something like that following that huge pricetag.
  3. I agree with you 100%, i did hear about that, Nox was an up and coming action rpg game from westwood studios, until they got bought out by ea and then started churning out Command and conquer games, i stopped playing after red alert 3. Suprising no one has done a kickstarter for this game, it would be a welcome addtion to the lacking choice of action rpg games. Ive played all those games you mentioned. Sacred gold was awesome, no 2 was not as good, and no 3 you wouldnt even wipe your ass with it lol.
  4. Where can i download this game? i want to play it now lol. GIEF! I have actually, played it a lot, forgot to mention it, its okay to me. Nothing spectacular, its a great f2p game thou, no pay to win there, but the money system is confusing. No gold, its all mats for mats kind of thing. weird system. but you do get used to it. However it has one of the best character developments and progression in any f2p game i have played. However i wish the combat and graphics looked better. If it had better graphics and particle effects it be a diablo 3 beater NP. I have played torchlight 1,2, Grim dawn (got it in early access) titan quest, Devillan (another f2p diablo clone, not as good as diablo or path to exile but graphics and combat effects are awesome). I'm currently playing Marvel Heroes again, diablo 3 clone, but with marvel characters. its F2P, it has a good end game and leveling system, but its marketplace is overpriced and there is a lot of characters that play the same, and its more of a grind than diablo 3 to unlock stuff, but its a alternative time sink. I really hope Lost ark has not been shelved for western release id give up my entire steam collection to play that game. Also Lineage Eternal looks amazing as well. Something i can put hours into like diablo, but just different and cooler looking, i love the camera angle on that game. Why do Korean games look so dam good? lol. There is also Victor Vran, with the same voice actor geralt of rivia the witcher, i cant play that game without thinking that the witcher should be in the game, ive not played it but videos on it don't look good. Theres even the incredible (not really) adventures of van helsing, and that game was okay, no 2 and 3 were copy and pasted affairs, bit like risen 2 and 3. Then theres Bombshell, the latest ARPG set in the future. It looked awesome. I got it on (GOG) and it was terrible, worst money i wasted on a game this year, i was doing a review on it, but i havent got around to fnishing the game yet, its like the Ride To Hell Of ARPG games. Theres a few others i could mention but i cant remember them :/
  5. Hey guys, just wanted to know who among you is an action rpg fan?. I cant wait for the realse of this game: LOST ARK. due to come fall 2016. Heres a gameplay video, i think its finally gonna be a diablo beater, which i play to death and want something different other than torchlight, what games can you recomend instead of torchlight diablo, but are very simular and play almost the same, i love games with loot in btw I cant wait for this game!
  6. I hope one day he sees my work, id love to hear what he thinks of my song, im currently remixing pewdiepie/markiplier/jacksepticeye slapping video, just finished the music, now working on the video
  7. As a new youtuber creator, this is very good news, about time they started sorting this out, i know so many people that have wrong claims made against there channel. Lets hope it continues going in this direction.
  8. I put together a video now, its my first attempt at merging multiple video clips together with music, while trying to be a bit funny, Its all off the cuff, did not plan this out, just put it together to provide a more enjoyable version of the song. Also i added some much needed DBZ to the song and end of the video, you will see why
  9. Im working on it, will take me a few days thou
  10. haha, thanks man, thanks for listening too. It took me a while to edit the audio for this. I think it turned out okay.
  11. hey guys. I was a bit bored, so i decided to make a song out of one of angryjoes classic rants. Hope you guys like it. let me know what you think
  12. Im proberly one of the few that is not interested in this game, i played the open beta, and i didnt enjoy it. But thats just me. I love borderlands, but ive never been a fan of the MOBA games in general. Its proberly a lot better when you have people to play with and friends you can group with, i didnt have that luxury when i was playing the beta. its a good game, its just not my cup of tea
  13. For me personally, i think my gaming preferences have changed to a degree. I now find myself enjoying FPS from which i never used to or cared for much when i was a younger gamer. my NES was my first system, and i have always been partial to the platform sytle games, that all changed when i got FF7 on the PS1. Ever since then i am a RPG nut and love all things RPG. That being said, that changed again when i got starcraft. I then have a found love for RTS games. I also got Colonization on my old pc and fell in love with turn based 4x games as well. Pretty much stayed that way until i played the mass effect games, and now i am a massive sci-fi buff and love anything to do with space/aliens rts/fps or otherwise. I also love fantasy games, played wow for 9 years before i got bored of it, mainly due to all my friends leaving the game. But now ill pretty much play anything, as long as it has good gameplay or if i die i dont rage quit and smash my controller (looking at you dark souls) But right now, i love anything casual, i used to play on hard and hardest settings now i tend to play more causally i play for fun rather than achievement hunt, the only thing try to get achievements in now is diablo 3, caus its so easy to play, (no effort just click) i guess i now favour easy games over hard ones lol. But i still love the challange of RTS games.
  14. Welcome to the madhouse of the AJSA!, and dont worry you wont be the only one to mess things up, thats usually my job
  15. Welcome to the AJSA, feel free to add me as a friend on xbox or steam