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  1. JamesGoblin liked a post in a topic by franciscourant in Awesome new MMO   
    That's a really nice album. I'm a big fan of Camelot Unchained artworks. The drawing style of Michelle is lovely.
    My favorite pulled from your album:





    Oh well I'm getting pretty much off-topic now. =P Crowfall art is really sweet too. Two different genres that I appreciate a lot.
  2. JamesGoblin liked a post in a topic by franciscourant in Awesome new MMO   
    The things I'm most excited about Crowfall:
    The mix between a strategy game and a MMORPG The temporary "servers": the campaign worlds only last for a few months and then get destroyed. Players have to "win" the servers Player-driven economy: every item will be crafted, traded and transported physically in the world by the players PvP-focused: no boring mobs grind, no repetitive quests, the PvP "end-game" is available day 1 Skill-based: characters don't have "levels" and the difference of power between a newbie and a veteran isn't huge A combat that should strike a balance between traditional MMORPG and the new generation of fast-paced action MMO The emphasis put on territory control, politics and strategy (alliances, spies, points of interest, caravans,  Physics and destruction of structures: walls collapsing on players, mass impacting on players' interactions, object collisions, etc.) Most MMORPGs I know, I've to grind days and days before being any useful for PvP or do boring quests to farm EXP.
    Camelot Unchained is another PvP-oriented MMORPG that's coming... in the future... idk when but looks really promising too.
    Battlerite (the spiritual successor of Bloodline Champions) should start its Beta soonish, if it's as good as BLC it should be awesome.
    Other than that, Gloria Victis is another PvP MMORPG, but with a lower budget (still lot of fun testing though).
    Btw hey JamesGoblin! 
  3. franciscourant liked a post in a topic by JamesGoblin in Awesome new MMO   
    I agree about IGN, in fact there is nothing to agree on - it's obvious (just by the way, that list has EQ:Next and half of it are not even MMOs IIRC!?).
    Speaking of game features, if frequent sex/class/race changes (i.e. identity tied to the spirit and not the body) combined with Voxel building/destruction and procedural generation of unique worlds - even with players building their own ones via already demonstrated tool - together with rulesets varying in dozens of combos (and growing) from FFA FL to carebearland with PvP off (and with players being able to set their own rules, besides personal world building), and worlds with winning conditions and each one to be wiped (with quite fancy changes to it's creatures and appearance over 4 seasons) after couple months, all that happening on series of servers with full destruction sieges with hundreds of players...if aiming to build medieval EVE and finally having money and expertise and manpower for that... if all that is overly generic and plain, then yes - I agree with you =)
    Howdy!  Speaking of Camelot Unchained - frankly, number one on my hypeMeter, but they are in pre-beta crunch and not much is happening that can be shown - there is this lovely album I made (yes I know, I'm shameless!) on Worlize - no matter what will be the fate of that game, the images are lovely.
    And if you don't stop and click to zoom in each one, and enjoy in it's beauty for couple seconds, know that you did a little crime against humanity