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    Games (PC): mostly RPG's and open-world games (like Skyrim), some strategy games, MOBA's (league), etc.
    Anime: favourites are Steins;Gate and FMA Brotherhood
    Animals: Have a dog and two cats, plan on studying veterinary medicine
    Airsoft/Hema: Not currently practicing either (my town is too small to offer either) but planning on starting when I move in order to study
    Travelling: love to travel, been on a foreign exchange year to the US
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  1. Then you don't like the game and try to sell it to them, either they won't even take it back because of company policy, or offer you like five bucks for a once used copy... We know you GameStop...
  2. Yea the juggermaw times... thank god those are over xD They tried to get more early relevance to top lane through rift herald, but that turned out to be a trade option for drake and not something to contest thus why I think the drake changes are a bit late. Though you can kinda see why they change it now and not back in preseason, as they didn't know how it is going to play out in proffesional play
  3. Kinda weird that they put out such ahughe change in mid season though... feel like they could have implemented these changes in pre-season. Nevertheless really excited for the Drake changes as it means a more exciting early game, especially in the pro scene. Hope we get to see the drake-dances from last season xD. Not sure how to feel about the mage changes. Have to see how they play out, but if they are as good as they look, most of them could be pretty op.
  4. Similar, just longer cutscene like aspects, with a real cast so no rendered in-game cutszene but real life. Like a TV show that you can influence by making decisions
  5. I like the idea of an interactive tv show though, with a really individual storyline, so not the sort that airs weekly and decides with polls... but that sort of show is not really possible, or it would be a game that focuses mainly on the show with not really much gameplay at all, but more budget on the show. Not really a game then though...
  6. Liking the Mass Effect hype
  7. I got Supergalaxy Rumble. Hype!
  8. Focusing on mp or desperately trying to squeeze an unnecessary mp into a game is a common enough occurrence nowadays, which I think is really sad. Look at battlefront, first it was announced that it would have a sp campaign, now we are left with a co-op excuse of a single player, campaign being totally scrapped. Mass Effect, a really awesome single player series somehow felt it necessary to add a boring horde multiplayer mode. I like multiplayer, but I sometimes just need some single player time, especially wh n the game and story are amazing, and to see the trend going the other way is worrying me
  9. So that's why I couldn't link my profile... it all makes sense now
  10. Yeah true dat. That makes the game even better though, considering it is this good, this good looking and already 5 years old
  11. Finished ep. 20 of neon genesis evangelion, just 6 more to go... Liked it thus far, just some characters are annoying Same here!
  12. That's an incredibly great deal! I got mine for 20€, but it was a store copy, guess it is way cheaper online That was some time ago though, so price might have dropped since then... somehow it is sad to see such a great game for such a low price though
  13. It's really a masterpiece if you like rpg's. Definitely improved on it's predecessor and slightly easier entrance for newcomers to the enlder scrolls series. Even when it gets lame after like 300 hrs you can still mod everything you can imagine so it never gets boring.
  14. Hej, I'm freeeza21 and a new recruit to the Angry Army! I play on the PC (though I only have an old laptop... sucks :D), mostly League but frequently other games like Skyrim, Mass Effect, Watch Dogs, AC, etc. When I have some more spare time I watch shows or anime. Right now I'm in my last year of school, and in a couple months I will have massive spare time and hope to really be able to play some games Happy to be here and hope for some fun gaming experiences freeeza21