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  1. I watched the play through in 4K and the graphics are beautiful. I think the whole norce mythology was an odd turn for the series but should be fun
  2. I saw a clip on YouTube and it looks awesome!
  3. I'm so excited for the new God of War I had to talk to someone about it!
  4. Lol I don't know, for some reason the game makes me think of 'Robot Chicken ' which probably isn't a good thing ... MaE was secretly made by Seth Green, mind blown! i should cut the game some slack but I don't know how no one noticed all the weird and bad animations and some textures. Maybe they did but deadline didn't allow them to fix it. Sucks for the dev team.
  5. I'm surprised to see MeA hasn't made it on this list. Even though the graphics are a flame topic they really are not what I expected. The storyline seems a bit dry and by the numbers. Note I obviously haven't played it yet.
  6. That Sony Bravia is fucking amazing, thank you crazy crab for telling me to get an HDR 10 tv it is really cool! I love this tv. Now if only my ps4 gets here sometime...
  7. Updated March 18 2017
  8. I almost like the 8 bit enter sandman better than the original
  9. Name :: Your-Name Here Types of games :: RPG, FPS Platform :: Xbox, PS, PC/Linux/Mac Sex :: Male / 27 Hours Played : 20hrs/week
  10. Got my TV easy enough but I had to order the PS4 Pro offline, the guy at GameStop told me there wasn't one on the entire east half of the state and Walmart said the same
  11. Yeah, sick shot is a buddy of mine I used to work with and his buddy joins us and we LFG the rest
  12. Updated March 15 2017 Completed! > added raid date and time if you didn't get to vote but still want to RSVP for this raid feel free to post here.
  13. Updated March 12 17 0615
  14. destiny

    This is an old thread but yes I play destiny and there's also LFG which is nice to do the other events that have no matchmaking.
  15. Lol, this thread needs to keep going rock on AJSA 8-bit style