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Everything posted by Seirex

  1. Making the switch from Xbox One to PS4 PSN ID is Viseyrex ... Seirex was taken? Must have a doppelgänger I already play destiny I see no reason to stop now
  2. Ok so with tax return I'm going to buy a ps4 pro and this tv Sony XBR43X800D 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV (2016 Model). If I'm understanding correctly that should work good together right? It claims to be a 4K HDR 10b sorry about this post formatting I'm on mobile so I can't fix it
  3. Lol thank you, I can't seem to really find a straight answer. Most sites just hymn-haw about it
  4. Lol it works
  5. Welcome to the AJSA
  6. Month :: March Raid Number :: 3 of 3 Raid :: Wrath of the Machine (normal) Day :: TBA Time :: TBA Members RSVP :: 01 of 06 01 - Seirex 02 - Empty (LFM) 03 - Empty (LFM) 04 - Empty (LFM) 05 - Empty (LFM) 06 - Empty (LFM)
  7. What a strange thing to fight about...go home your both drunk
  8. ....this thread took a strange direction...
  9. Need help completing Kings Fall Heroic Challenge Mode for the raid ship. I haven't done this yet and no one on Destiny LFG is wanting to train. Any help would be appreciated. I'm available from 0000 to 0600 M-Th anytime Fri - Sun PST Seirex 384 Titan, 384 Hunter
  10. Well if the probability math wasn't your style look at games that exist. I can't think of a number that would be logical here but I would imagine it's in the millions. To add channels for each of them would be very unreasonable. With the fact it still breaks the community into sub-sections. Those chat channels are rarely filled why not after finding your group in general chat hop into one? That satisfies your requirements, you can talk to all your fellow gamers, find a game, hop into a voice channel. Sorry If I misunderstood something? --- You can get to know your fellow gamers though these forums, hell I argue with you guys all the time I don't have to hear your voice to hear you, if that makes any sense. We have a really cool community here, and I haven't played a lot of games with the AJSA but I bet there are people on these forums who recognize my name when they see it.
  11. Think about it like this if you have 30 people on the chat server and you split them into 6 channels but 15 of them would switch games. That's 5 people per channel, 2.5 people per channel that would play your game. Your cutting your chances of finding a gamer to play whatever with. To reach all the people that would play that game you would have to spam all 6 channels. You have a higher chance of finding someone to play a game with by sending a message to general chat, that's all 15 people in one go. Now having game special channels would work like you want it to if the population was massive.
  12. We are the Other Joe, you will adapt to service the AJSA, resistance is futile
  13. I had the same trouble finding a group, I found one by posting in zone chat asking if any group is recruiting for my lvl. I got spammed with ginvites
  14. help

    Easy get a CODE WASD keyboard, the key caps are easy to clean, I bought the custom WASD and I have all custom key caps switches(cherry mx) it's usb or usb with ps2 adaptor very nice keyboard. Steel back plate, I can't promote it enough. Hell you can even make it AJSA themed
  15. So the Special editions just give map packs and guns? Lol well I won't be looking at buying them.... Wait how many guns we talkin?
  16. Sorry your original post became a Star Citizen war zone. I always like hearing about what's happening in the realm of SC. I am upset the game is still in alpha and I don't feel comfortable with how much money has been spent on development. I do wonder if the game will ever be released? Why does it feel like the game is being ran by corporate commander? Despite my reservations it's good to know what the game is doing. I really hope they finish it soon. I was excited about this game since I first heard about it, my interest is going away over time because of what I mentioned above, but it's not gone yet.
  17. I find it hard to believe that one youtubers video is reason for a online games low pop. If he had the time to crank out a game updates video for the past couple of games it would be interesting to see. He might get blasted with complaints though. "Relook at the last 10 reviewed Games"
  18. I realized after reading this I'm in the minority here but people come on, the shit is FREE. I have watched angry joe since his first stuff on YouTube. I have yet to give any cash. If you donated that's great, but it was a donation. If I eat at a homeless shelter I'm not going to be pissed off if the free soup they gave me wasn't lobster. Now if he had youtubes paid service and he skipped on some reviews than by all means be pissed off. Be fair here if joe really does work 60 or 80 or whatever hours a week, he could be working at a regular job not giving you anything and have some real money, but enjoys doing this so here we are. Yes it does suck when I haven't seen an angry review for a game I was looking at, but I have never gotten so angry I had to post on the AJSA forms, his Twitter or his Facebook. If I were him I would probably have to be on medication for all the anxiety you guys create. No one makes you watch his videos(or shouldn't be anyway). From what I understand YouTube is his source of income, I'd be having panic attacks that I was going to lose my house. How can you honestly do that to someone, let alone someone you don't know about something they give to you at no charge. If your displeased, be displeased but ranting on about it right to his face is cruel. And to anyone who thinks I'm 'White Knighting' for joe, this is about how you treat other people and having respect for your fellow human being. If you don't like what I said just imagine 30 or 40 percent of your customers complaining about how shitty your work is. And there paying customers, right about then I'd be worried about getting fired.
  19. x

    Well I can't pretend to understand the ins and outs of how YouTube is written but I am pretty sure you tube is using regular expressions to find your results. Here read this, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regular_expression you'll see why smaller 'tags' is not a bad thing. Moreover it shouldn't really matter to much anyway, his videos seem to be doing fine.
  20. Can someone post the new Joe schedule ? My memory sucks
  21. Well I'm not game dev, but have you thought about the unreal engine? They even have an asset store if you don't want to make anything real complex, you can always try making a side scroller with SDL, I had problems learning it but Cpp for me is hard. Although check the license on SDL before you use it Or you can try this question over at stack overflow
  22. new

    Welcome to the AJSA
  23. If the Hardware can't run it, why didn't they scale back the game a bit? Or like the man said continue it for Windows? That seems like a cop out to me "Our stuff was to amazing for the hardware" I wouldn't worry about future games, the Xbox one is still a pretty decent computer. Just google the hardware specs. Games were ran on far less for a long time. You have to be realistic the larger requirements you have the less of a market your getting access to. If a game requires a $1500 rig to run, guess what I'm not buying it if my computer was built on a budget for half that and I don't have the hardware. How many gamers you think are rich, then how many are middle class, then working class. We can get into economics here but massive requirements is less market, you need a middle ground to get the most audience and make it good enough they will want to buy. When I work on a webpage I target google chrome, it's not that I don't care about users who have IE, Firefox, Opera, and safari. More users have chrome, so that's what I dev for. I don't have time to make it look great in every browser. Sure there are shims and other tricks. I couldn't imagine the stuff game devs have to worry about but like me I'm sure its largest market first
  24. Enter the modding community, were anything and everything can happen. Hell if they can put Thomas the Train in Skyrim they can do anything j/k I agree, but there is a struggle going on were there are people want the games to be all graphics and be directed by a Michael Bay fan boy or your games to have more substance. Unfortunately we are at the whim of what sells. Explosions and Sky-Beams sell. Look at your fellow gamer and tell them to demand more of there games, and if enough people make there money heard the games will change.
  25. I found they have all of season one on Amazon prime the other day. It's funny how I forgot about all the character bonding and singing and remembered only killing aliens with battle mechs and veratechs.. Good show but not as good as I remembered. I saw a marauder in ep01 now that's odd