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  1. So, I apologize for posting about another youtuber here Joe and team, but I feel this info is something you might feel comfortable with covering on the AJS-News. According to Markiplier, YouTubes autoban system started banning people out of his google stream. Not just their utube accounts, but their entire google accounts. He explained that he had people voting with emojis for choices during his stream content and people just started disappearing. Even more absurd is that people have made appeals, but have been rejected... this is a huge problem, and there is HIGH probability that you both share the same audience, so it may and should (imo) be a concern to you (and every other content creator) as well. Again, sorry for bringing up another creator in your forums. Have a great weekend.
  2. There is a FTP mmo out called Crossout that looks pretty awesome, I haven't played it myself yet, but it looks like a game the Angry Army would enjoy. Perhaps it would be worth you guy's time in review? From first look, it seems to be homage to Twisted Metal.
  3. I'm making this post to warn you guys about the recent movie release Criminal. The main problem of it wasn't the actors, it was poor directing and editing. There were cuts to the movie made that flat out destroyed the continuity of the story leaving me (speaking for myself) asking "how, when, and / or why?" if it weren't for the poor pothole inducing cuts, it probably wouldn't have been so bad. Hopefully this is enough info without spoiling the story.