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  1. Hi, my Star Citizen handle: Scop3 Member since 2016. Concierge, Subscriber and happy to support with the game.
  2. Finally, 3.0 has been released to EVOCATI. Hope I am in the first PTU testing wave and will keep you a bit updated.
  3. I bought the deluxe edition and think it is worth it. The single player was fun for 3-4h but I anyway wouldn`t mind to spend 60-80$ only for the multiplayer. It feels like it could be fun for years. Till now I spend just 7h in the multiplayer, almost only the rush mode with the Assault class. Just to get used to the different modes, weapons, tactics will take me approx. 100h. I spent a lot more $/h in many other games. (e.g. Battlefront *ugh*) BTW my origin tag is Scope--o- if someone wants to add me.
  4. Scop3--o- no specific role. I do what is needed.
  5. Started yesterday. The game looks great. Looking forward to see you there. My handle: Scop3
  6. Hi I joined yesterday. Handle: Scop3 Ships: Cutlass Red, Redeemer and Freelancer DUR
  7. Star Wars Battlefront. I am a huge Star Wars Fan and like how the game looks like but the actual gameplay is boring like hell after 1hour already. However I forget how boring it is after two days and start it again...and again...
  8. yes that is true. The credit load is different but unfortuntately I don`t no the current situation as my study was already 8 years ago.
  9. I was born close to Stuttgart. The Uni is a good one and the people are nice but I would rather recommend Frankfurt. Stuttgart smaller and there is not so much action like in F or M. Munich is quite expensive to live otherwise this would be my recommendation. Switzerland has also a University which offers game design. The ZHdK in Zürich. (80km away from the german border)
  10. It is not illegal as long as you are not reselling them or using/carrying it in public areas. In regards of Movies it is different as they count as part of history education and are therefore normally not banned. I still don`t understand why German laws judging games different than movies. Do you have already a place in Germany in mind? And yes it is a very good idea to know and understand the laws wherever you go. Especially when there are so many and complicate ones like Germany has :-P Fully agree on the last part. That is why such global communities are so important. It is nice to meet and talk to people from all over the world.
  11. Teilweise ja, es gibt bestimmte Spiele die aufgrund exzessiver Gewaltdarstellung verboten sind bzw nur an Personen über 18 Jahre verkauft werden dürfen. Battlefield und die COD Reihe sind allerdings frei. In der Schweiz sind diese Regeln eh nicht so streng. Was in Deutschland auf jeden Fall verboten ist, sind Nazi-Symbole in Spielen. English: Partially true. There were some very violent games banned in the past like Doom or Quake but today most of them are available when you are 18 or older. Still forbidden is to show Nazi Symbols in games but also this is not an issue as the publisher replace the symbols for the german market. In Switzerland the restrictons are less hard. Battlefield and e.g. COD are fully available. Acutally I don`t remember a recent released game which landed on the indexx.
  12. Last wekend I had a Windows 10 update. Afterwards several games had Grafic problems. To solve it I had to remove and instal again the G-card driver (GTX980Strixx)
  13. Yes it is really a pity but who knows maybe I will buy a X1 in the near future. As long as there is no Halo coming out on PC. My first impression about this community is also very good. Would be nice to find some more German speaking people.
  14. Thank you Seirex. Yes I am german but living in Switzerland. I play PC and PS4.
  15. Hello all, Some years ago I started to play my first multiplayer games like Quake 2 and Starsiege Tribes (ok many years ago). Later I switched to CS and COD but I never had the pleasure to be part of a big gaming community like the AJSA. Finally, I gave it a try and hope to have some good discussions and fun in the arenas with you guys. Btw I just started with BF4 as well and hope for your support (and patience).