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AJSA Valkyrie

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  1. So the fact is that the random generation feels tack on is a killer ( in the bad way) to this game as its advertised as a random generated space game
  2. Hello there this post will be about any game that in your opinion is the worst game you ever played. This is opinion based so always be generous to people's opinion. If this is going to be closed then I would understand. P.S you could include disappointing games of any year. Also I don't need explanations on your answer but a short reason why you say that game is the worst you ever played or heard of.
  3. So light level is a feature that's decides if that piece of gear. But in year 2, it became less manageable. But my light level is 333 and I need help to getting to 335 light level
  4. Yeah permadeath is the most stupid feature in the game as it adds unneeded difficulty in an otherwise easy game
  5. What is that suppose to mean?
  6. What does this supposed to represent?
  7. Well we all known that Konami is not to be trusted due to there actions lately with the $40 metal gear solid ground zeros fiasco and the cancellation of silent hills. Now they have an new social media manager that can destroy the company for good.
  8. Hello there this post has an old post time. Yes yes I'm going to follow the rules of the game. Banned due to an awful stream quality
  9. Wow they have an orchestra? That serves me right for saying battlefield tv show is better then a orchestra.
  10. Well you can watch the gameplay trailers of the games and get the idea of gameplay it has
  11. Well it's always good to be an asshole in the wasteland in the upmost dire scenarios
  12. Nice post. Very interesting news for today
  13. Yeah I'm going to pre order battlefield 1 as well when I get the chance
  14. With metal gear solid the Phantom pain released Kojima has left Konami and the metal gear solid's license is bound to change without Kojima. So do you think without Kojima metal gear solid is unable for another sequel or with it get bought from Konami or Kojima or will it be unchanged
  15. So if bungie decides to release destiny 2 then should we play and host events on it because during the year of destiny 1.0 the players of that era were Dissapointed on its presentation. So here's the question I have, when bungie release destiny 2, should we play it? Of course it's your opinion but let's leave the descision to your superiors
  16. One good thing for fallout 4 is basally annihilate low level enemies and creatures and grind for xp and caps to buy guns and ammo and stimpaks and radaway. Rinse and repeat until you reach a high level
  17. The thought of paying full price for a game mode is sickening and unneeded. But is naval assult I worth while DLC or is it a cash grab by EA to make more money?
  18. In destiny, the most challenging part of the game is the light level. It literally forced you to grind for high level gear to reach the max level. Now in year 2, light level is now no longer a problem as experience is more of a focus. However some players, like myself want to grind exotic gear as they drop at high light levels as of the April update to reach 335 light level. So the main focus is "is light level a thing to worry about in year 2?
  19. why do you hate Kojima
  20. Yeah if multiplayer in a fallout game (excluding fallout tactics) is added in, then the game is broken in a few seconds in term of scripting and concept
  21. Well fallout new Vegas should be multiplayer because then the game can be much more fun. So should someone make a multiplayer mod for fallout new Vegas?
  22. Not to spoil the articale but the people who called the restraint are stupid. They got to understand that just because it's called Freddie's does not mean it's the Freddy fazbears restruant.
  23. Welcome to the AJSA!
  24. Welcome to the AJSA!