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  1. Well if they changed the way conquest played out then that means you can set aside you kill streak thoughts and rush to the hardpoint. For me this is a good thing since I don't need to kill people in the game to advance in the mode.
  2. Well if bungie is cutting the life blood of Xbox 360 and PS3 destiny players then Saying give us money and buy our game twice then that's a signal of a decreasing userbase for the game. So I think that's a bad way bungie thought up.
  3. Well if all you get for preordering rise of iron is a weapon you can get from playing the game then it's not worth it in my opinion. But if your A try hard destiny player that played the game from the alpha then go and pre Oder it. For the rest of us it's your opinion. That's all I got to say.
  4. Hmm the game feels paid to win since most powerful weapons are blocked behind this "platinum" and you can get it from paying money or from the story. on top of that, there is no reason for playing warfame due to being a obscure game.
  5. Hello there I play elite dangerous but I'm mostly a courier because the combat is mostly cumbersome and going from A to B is much more easier
  6. Well if I was stuck on an uncharted island with no hope of escape, then I would be playing Just cause 3 even though in real life I yet to get the game
  7. One of the most Dissapointing game for me was fallout new Vegas. Yes I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for this because of a great game but when you take off the fan base glasses, you eventually realize you bought a add on for fallout 3. First off the game has the same engine as fallout 3, so it looks bland and has the same game breaking glitches. Second the story seems rushed as it makes no sense for a guy to get shot in the head and get revived 9 days later. Third, the gameplay, while fun, can get boring while you are stuck in the dreadful loading screens that can take forever. And lastly, the characters look awful as they look no better then the ones in fallout 1 or 2. This could of benifed as a expansion but obsidian had to cut in and produce this game as the deal between them and Bethesda had obsidian making a more of a expansion. That's all I would say about this. Here comes the hate messages
  8. Well guys I have a worst game I need to mention is the original destiny despite playing the taken King. The reasons why I hated destiny 1.0 was the terrible story, dreadful bosses that sucks up bullets and the completely pointless strikes that are only their to stretch out the game. Luckily the dark below and house of wolves have made more content but not much. It was only after buying the taken King that I like the game.
  9. Thanks for your response I knew that it was bad so I made a prediction that it was more of its own failing franchise then a fallout game
  10. Welcome to the angry army
  11. Thanks Rune I wish that the angry army could have a 6 people only event to do a kings fall raid. Thank you for your time Rune
  12. Hey Rune sorry but I can't attend to any of them as I have to find at least 5 people to help me in the Kings fall raid in Destiny the taken King. If you need to let me know if a upcoming destiny event replie to this post. Sorry I can't attend them Rune
  13. My favorite angry review was the Fallout 4 review, Destiny review, Batman Arkham knight review and the ultimate review, Ride to hell retribution. Surprising is it?
  14. It's ok if you have found one please let me know
  15. Wow EA you really messed up this time . You made an averege shooter that you think could rival call of duty. You think that by selling emotes you could make this game immersive. You also made the heroes overpowered and made fighting them unfair. You have made only 11 weapons in the game which show you did not cared for varity. You made the flying controls half developed and the season pass is complete crap. You want us to shell out $50 for more maps and emotes. Why EA are you doing this, it's 2016, either put more effort in the game or don't bother making another Star Wars battlefront. If you have not told dice to make the game look and sound really nice then this would be a 2/10 because of its limitations. Please EA, I want you to make these game excellent at day one not overtime.
  16. Oh I thought it was just a title EA slapped on there to give it the "first game" feeling.
  17. Hmm I can't wait for the game to come out as it looks really cool. Let's hope it's not like battlefield 4 where it's rushed to market. And can anyone tell me why it's call battlefield 1 and not battlefield 5?
  18. Hmm that's strange that he only reviewed fallout 4 but excluded fallout 3 and fallout new Vegas also so what about fallout 1 and 2 despite being made in 1997 and 1998 respectively
  19. Well it's the only way for the game to sound really cool and does not have to follow the battlefront title on the box.
  20. Is that a "here sorry for making you pay $120 dollar game" type of reward. that is messed up!
  21. I hope that Titanfall 2 will have clan servers like in battlefield so that we could have our events in our server
  22. Even though my first consule I had was the wii, I always like the Xbox one because even if the DRM controversy was something to be worried about, it's overall a good system to compete with Sony and nentendo ( even if the Wii U is not involved in this vote)
  23. Wow I can't believe they would make another titanfall. Lets hope it's not disappointing again oh and make sure to have clan servers like in battlefield
  24. Hmm I wonder why they would sell the DLC free if they are forcing us to pay $50 for expansion pack maps