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  1. RuneX liked a post in a topic by YORKSHIRE1993 in Xbox One Gamertag List   
    Gamer tag: YORKSHIRE1993
    Games I like to play: Skyrim, Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4, Battlefront, Battlefront II (when it comes out), Gears, a bit of Destiny, bit of ESO
    Time zone: +0 GMT
  2. RuneX liked a post in a topic by YORKSHIRE1993 in Xbox One Gamertag List   
    Gamer tag: YORKSHIRE1993
    Games I like to play: Skyrim, Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4, Battlefront, Battlefront II (when it comes out), Gears, a bit of Destiny, bit of ESO
    Time zone: +0 GMT
  3. RuneX liked a post in a topic by YORKSHIRE1993 in Gamertag Listing - Xbox One AJSA Battlefield 4   
    YORKSHIRE1993, I mostly play Battlefield 1 these days, but I may play some Battlefield 4 in the future.
  4. RuneX liked a post in a topic by YORKSHIRE1993 in RPK fan club   
    The RPK in Battlefield 4 is unlocked by completing the "Powder Keg" DLC assignment included in China Rising, it is such a great gun, I love it, it's powerful, though without much recoil, in TDM games I frequently get around 20 or so kills in a match with it, taking the time to get the RPK was definitely a good investment, just like completing the assignments for the L85A2 and L115!
  5. QwiK liked a post in a topic by YORKSHIRE1993 in Battlefield 1 complilation videos by YORKSHIRE1993   
    Compilation videos of the Battlefield 1 game made by me, I know some of them are quite long.
  6. QwiK liked a post in a topic by YORKSHIRE1993 in Thoughts about what the upcoming DLC may contain?   
    I have some thoughts about what the future DLC may contain, I am interested to see what you think may be in the future DLC.
    French DLC
    Weapons - Lebel Model 1886 rifle or Berthier rifle, Fusil Automatique Modèle 1917, Chauchat machine gun, Modele 1892 revolver, Ruby pistol, Ste. Étienne Mle 1907 machine gun, F1 grenade
    Vehicles - Tanks: Saint-Chamond tank or Schneider CA1 tank
    Fighter plane: One of the Nieuport fighters
    Bomber plane: Caudron G.4 or Letord Let.9
    Attack plane: one of the SPAD fighters
    Field artillery piece: 75mm Canon de 75 modèle 1897
    Russian DLC 
    Weapons - Mosin-Nagant rifle, Berdan rifle, Nagant Model 1895 revolver, Fedorov Avtomat, PM M1910 machine gun, Model 1914 grenade
    Vehicles - Bomber plane: Ilya Muromets
    Field artillery piece: 76 mm divisional gun M1902
  7. RuneX liked a post in a topic by YORKSHIRE1993 in Skyrim for the Xbone?   
    Great news, there will be a remastered Skyrim in a couple of months, ES VI has also been confirmed.
  8. RuneX liked a post in a topic by YORKSHIRE1993 in Skyrim for the Xbone?   
    Great news, there will be a remastered Skyrim in a couple of months, ES VI has also been confirmed.
  9. Apex Spartan liked a post in a topic by YORKSHIRE1993 in Remastered Skyrim and Elder Scrolls 6 - is this a thing?   
    Beast, I wish a remastered Red Dead Redemption was also a thing, but oh well
  10. RuneX liked a post in a topic by YORKSHIRE1993 in Star Wars: Battlefront [review]   
    It is a cold, crisp day on Hoth, the sound of the chill wind is broken by the noise of a furious battle between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire, the Empire is trying to get their AT-ATs to the point that they can destroy the Rebel escape ship, the Rebels are trying desperately to destroy the walkers and let the ship take off. The Rebels have been pushed back to their last line of defence, they have succeeded in severely damaging one of the AT-ATs, but have been pushed back all the same, now they have only two uplinks left.
    The Rebels rush to activate the uplinks, they need the uplinks operational in order to help the Y-wings, however the Empire is throwing everything at the Rebel line in a bid to take them offline, you look through the scope of your A280C blaster rifle and see some Imperials trying to disable an uplink, you and your fellow teammates put them down, attempting to snipe the Imperials charging your position across the frozen plains you notice an AT-ST heading straight for you, you pull out your Ion Torpedo launcher and put an Ion torpedo into it, the AT-ST pilot follows the trajectory of your shot to make an estimation of your location, in doing so the AT-ST heads for you in order to defend itself, you pop up and put another Ion torpedo into it, it attempts to kill you, but you duck into the trench, allowing the walker to get closer you pop up and lob an Ion grenade at it, the Ion grenade detonates on impact and the AT-ST explodes in spectacular fashion. You hear bad news, Darth Vader has been reported in the area.
    By this point the Y-wings have begun their final attack, one after another they come in and launch their Ion torpedo at the walkers, Mon Mothma then comes over the radio, the walkers have been critically damaged, and are open to attack, within seconds the sky is filled with tons of laser bolts, missiles, grenades as the Rebels throw everything they have at the walkers in a desperate attempt to keep them away from the escape transport, at the same time the Imperials fire many laser bolts in order to kill as many Rebels as possible in order to defend the walkers. Eventually one of the walkers goes down, yet the other walker is almost within range of the transport, the T-47 Snowspeeders fly through hails of Imperial lasers and take down the last walker with their tow cables, the Rebels breath a sigh of relief as the last walker falls to the ground and the escape transport is able to take off safety.
    That is an example of a match of "Walker Assault", one of the more popular modes on Star Wars: Battlefront.
    Star Wars: Battlefront is a reboot of the acclaimed series of two games which are amongst the best-selling and most beloved Star Wars games of all time. The series is best known for allowing you to pilot any vehicle you see, and for having infantry, vehicles and faction heroes work together to achieve victory. The series is also known for allowing you to play as both sides of both the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War, as well as its "Galactic Conquest" mode, in which you fight your opponent to gain control of the galaxy. These things are worth noting, for the reboot more or less has none of them.
    Unlike the original series, the reboot doesn't have a single player campaign, Galactic Conquest, Clone Wars. It has quite a number of different modes, but only on several planets, the modes include.
    "Supremacy" - the Empire and the Rebels fight for control of the planet.
    "Walker Assault" - the Empire must defend their walkers, whilst the Rebels must destroy them.
    "Fighter Squadron" - Imperial and Rebel squadrons face off in the skies above the battlefield.
    "Blast" - Your standard team deathmatch, basically.
    "Cargo" - You have to steal the enemy cargo pods, whilst defending your own, basically a take on "Capture the Flag".
    "Drop Zone" - You have to capture more drop pods than the enemy to win.
    "Droid Run" - You have to capture three moving droids, and stop the enemy from capturing them.
    "Hero Hunt" - A single player faces a squad of enemy infantry players.
    "Heroes vs Villains" - The clash of the titans, heroes of both sides fight against each other.
    "Turning Point" - The Empire has to defend their stronghold from a Rebel attack.
    "Extraction" - A mode introduced in the Outer Rim DLC, the rebels must extract their valuable shipment whilst the Imperials must stop the rebels from escaping with the shipment, if the rebels manage to get their cargo to the evac point within the time limit, then the rebels win, however, if the Empire successfully stops the shipment and times runs out, then the Imperials win.
    "Sabotage" - A mode introduced in the Bespin DLC, the rebels have to destroy three generators within a time limit whilst the Empire has to defend them, if the rebels succeed in their mission they then have to defend an extraction point until extraction, should at least one of the generators manage to survive the time limit, or the extraction zone is captured, then the Empire wins.
    "Battle Station" - A mode introduced in the Death Star DLC, this mode finally sees space combat introduced into the game, each match has three parts, in the first part the rebel fighters have to help the Y-wings blow up critical parts of a Star Destroyer in order to allow the rebel cruisers through, in the second part the rebels have to extract R2-D2 from the station, and in the final part the rebels have to blow up the Death Star. The rebels win if they destroy the star destroyer, extract R2 and launch a proton torpedo down the exhaust port, the Imperials win if they prevent the rebels from achieving any of these.
    "Infiltration" - A model introduced in the Scarif DLC, this mode recreates the Battle of Scarif, and like the "Battle Station" mode a match contains three parts, in the first part the rebels must get their U-Wings through the energy gate to the surface, only one U-wing has to get through the gate in order for the Rebels to win the part, however, if the Rebels win the first part then the match goes onto the second part, in which the rebels must plant bombs on two Imperial transport shuttles, and destroy one of them, if the rebels succeed here then the match moves onto the final part, which plays out like a match of "Cargo", in which the rebels have three datatapes, and must get one of them back to the U-Wing and escape, if the rebels win this part then they obviously win the match, however if the Imperials prevent the rebels from achieving their objective before the time runs out during any of the parts then the Empire wins, thus making it possible for the match to be won by the Empire on the first part.
    In addition there are Training missions, "Battles", which are basically single-player Blast matches, and "Survival" which is basically "Horde mode", fight against waves of Stormtroopers, with AT-STs and TIE fighters thrown in for good measure. The lack of a lot of single-player content is a sore point for many players, myself included, a single-player campaign would be nice, as would Galactic Conquest. The lack of Clone Wars is also a very controversial point, I wish there was Clone Wars, featuring new things, e.g. new vehicles, new weapons, new units e.g. T-series tactical droid, Separatist organic units, the Clone Wars is a very good thing to make a game on, there is a lot of game-worthy material in the Clone Wars.
    However, whilst we can only dream what this Battlefront could've been, let's take a look at what it does. Aside from the debacle of the Season Pass and Exclusive/Premium Editions what this game does it does very well, the graphics and sound design are incredible, and are easily one of the best things about this game, if you ever wanted to visit Hoth, Endor, Tatooine, then this is the game for you, for the locations are photo-realistic, and the ambient sounds are amazing, especially on Endor, where you can hear the Ewoks and their trumpets.
    The battles themselves are very fun, especially on large-team modes like "Walker Assault", where the battlefield is often covered in laser blasts and is traversed by vehicles hunting down the enemy, it makes you feel like you're actually there, sometimes, in my mind's eye, I'm a rebel soldier desperately fighting in the freezing cold of Hoth in order to hold the line, firing my blaster rifle at the Imps until it overheats, "Walker Assault" is an example of what a Battlefront game SHOULD be, and, on this mode at least, this game perfectly captures that. 
    "Survival" can be fun, and also frustrating as try to complete it on Master, or on Hard without dying, of particular note are the little intros and outros that play, they are very well done, and that makes me sad when I thing about how amazing a single-player campaign would be judging by how good these small cutscenes, e.g. the Endor outro in which a squadron of X-wings take down numerous Stormtroopers and an AT-ST, if that is the quality of your cutscenes then WHY DON'T YOU HAVE A CAMPAIGN MODE!?
    Any way, all that aside, let's delve into some of the weapons of abilities. As with all Battlefront games there are multiple weapons, including a few new additions in this game, however unlike the original games the weapon types aren't limited to the player class, due to the fact that specific classes aren't a feature in this game, which allows you to mix and match e.g. a Scout trooper can use a standard battle rifle, something not seen since Scout troopers are used as snipers and scouters. Here is a brief overview of some of the weapons in the game.
    "Primary weapons" - these are weapons you select from the weapons menu.
    DLT-19 - This fast-firing Imperial heavy blaster is most famous for being the weapons Chewbacca used in the prison break scene in Episode IV. Rapid fire, though with a low DPS and taking a fair few shots before overheating, this weapon excels at cutting down small groups of enemies at close range.
    DH-17 - This full-auto blaster pistol is most famous for being the pistol used by the Rebel troopers at the start of Episode IV, though was also less famously used by troopers of the Imperial Navy, particularly by the "Death Star troopers", the DH-17 was also seen in Rebel use through Episode V and VI, in-universe the weapon's power pack would run out in as little as 20 seconds when fire on full-auto, and is rugged and reliable enough to be used in the frozen wastes of Hoth, though the gun can't fire for quite that long before overheating in-game. Relatively easy to handle and quite damaging, the DH-17 is a favourite amongst new and veteran players alike.
    RT-97C - The RT-97C had a brief appearance in Episode IV, being held by one of the Sandtroopers which watched the Millennium Falcon depart Mos Eisley, as such it is easily missed, this weapon behaves effectively as a scoped DLT-19, as such it is a bit better at range, though using the scope naturally creates quite a bit of recoil, and the flurry of shots can obscure your vision, despite being scoped, it really is best not to try and snipe with this weapon.
    A280C - Formerly known as the "A295" in the old canon, this blaster is the weapon of choice of the Rebel trooper in Episode V and VI, this blaster rifle has quite a fast rate of fire, and is accurate, this gun can be considered a "big brother" to the DH-17, and is likewise loved by both new and old players.
    E-11 - The standard arm of the Stormtrooper, the E-11 is notorious across the galaxy for that fact, though slower-firing than the A280C, the E-11 has a much higher DPS, and is one of the frequently used weapons in the game for its low recoil, good handling and high power.
    CA-87 - One of only two primary weapons which has a full damage rating stat, the CA-87 is a modified Jawa Ion blaster that behaves a lot like a shotgun, as such this weapon works best on small, tight maps, any enemy that rounds a corner into one of these is in for a nasty surprise!
    T-21 and T-21B - Used by Clones in the latter part of the Clone Wars, then in a limited capacity by the Galactic Empire, and even by the Rebel Alliance, the T-21 is a heavy blaster which behaves like an enlarged E-11, fairly slow-firing yet putting out huge DPS, the T-21 is a force to be reckoned with at medium-long ranges, the T-21B is a sniper variant which allows you to reach out even further. This weapon's most notable appearance in film was when an example was being carried by the Sandtrooper Captain whose squad attempted to stop the Millennium Falcon from escaping Mos Eisley.
    SE-14C, a modified version of the SE-14, the standard side-arm of the Separatists, this blaster pistol was notable used by Doctor Cornelius Evazan when he threated Luke Skywalker with one in the Mos Eisley cantina, only to have his arm lopped off by Obi-Wan Kenobi, I guess you could say he's pretty 'Armless...Ha...Ha...
    Anyway, this 5-shot burst pistol is deadly at CQC, if you get used to the recoil.
    EE-3 - This 3-shot burst blaster carbine was the weapon of choice of Boba Fett, and was used by him during the Skirmish at the Great Pit of Carkoon, a deadly rifle, the EE-3 is great for medium-long range combat.
    DL-44 - Most famous for being Han Solo's personal side-arm, the DL-44 was outlawed for civil ownership by the Empire because it's bolts could slice through Stormtrooper armour like a blowlamp through butter, despite being infamous for being used by smugglers, bounty hunters and other such ne'er-do-wells with a questionable profession, the DL-44 was also used by some Rebel officers, Luke Skywalker even wielded one, and even by the Galactic Empire. The most damaging pistol in the stock game, only rivalled by the DT-12 introduced in the Outer Rim DLC, the DL-44 behaves like a T-21 condensed into pistol form, at most it will take 3 hits to kill at close range.
    DL-18 - A pistol so common and cheap across the galaxy that they are considered practically disposable, the DL-18 has an insane fire rate, probably the highest of any of the semi-auto pistols, the player can fire the pistol as fast as they can pull the trigger, as such the pistol is a beast at close range, the relatively low DPS is countered by the high fire rate, which allows the player to kill the enemy so fast that the enemy didn't know what happened, the DL-18 requires the "Bounty Hunter I" Hutt Contract to be complete in order to be unlocked.
    DLT-19X - a DLT-19 modified into a sniper, the DLT-19X is tied with the CA-87 as the most damaging primary weapon in the game, the Hutt Contract "Targeting Trooper" must be completed in order to unlock this sniper, this weapon is notable for dispensing its entire charge in one go, meaning the weapon overheats after every shot, but the shots are super powerful.
    Relby-V10 - a fast-firing sniper most notably carried by Bossk, the Relby was originally designed as a grenade launcher, a sniper equivalent of the DL-18, the Relby can be fired as quickly as the player pulls the trigger, allowing the player to spam shots and cut down enemies fairly quickly, this weapon requires the "Outer Rim" DLC to be installed and the Hutt Contract "Contract Killer" to be complete in order to be unlocked.
    DT-12 - essentially an unscoped DL-44, the DT-12's most notable appearance was in the hand of Greedo, who attempted to shoot Han Solo with it in the famous scene in the Mos Eisley cantina in Episode IV, the DT-12 requires the Outer Rim DLC to be installed and the Hutt Contract "Rodian Blaster" to be completed in order to unlock it.
    X-8 Night Sniper - This pistol is Lando Calrissian's side-arm in-game, featuring an advanced thermal scope for spotting enemies through bad weather, or smoke, this pistol is deadly in the right hands. The X-8 requires the "Bespin" DLC to be installed and its respective Hutt Contract to be completed.
    EE-4 - The successor to the EE-3, the EE-4 removed the stock and instead placed a vertical grip under the barrel, this was done in order to improve usability at close-range, whilst naturally this decreases accuracy at long-range it also makes the carbine deadly at close-range, as was intended, the EE-4 requires the "Bespin" DLC to be installed and the Hutt Contract "Sana's Legacy" to be completed.
    TL-50 Heavy Repeater, this three-barrelled repeating blaster was introduced in the Death Star DLC, the TL-50 features almost non-existant recoil, and is just as deadly at long range, the blaster also features an alternate fire mode in which the gun launches a concussion projectile, at the cost of instantly overheating the gun for a short time, the "energy bomb" is very powerful, capable of dealing damage to vehicles and killing multiple enemies in a single shot, though because the aim button instead fires the bomb you cannot aim with this weapon, in order to unlock the TL-50 the player must own the "Death Star" DLC and complete the Hutt Contract "Imperial Instrument".
    K-16 Bryar Pistol, essentially a TL-50 in pistol form, this blaster also features a concussion projecticle ability as its alternate fire mode, as with the TL-50 this ability replaces the aim button, meaning you are restricted to firing this blaster from the hip, this blaster is deadly at close range, in order to unlock the K-16 the player must own the "Death Star" DLC and complete the Hutt Contract "Dark Enforcer".
    DT-29, Director Orson Krennic's personal custom blaster, the DT-29 is unique amongst blaster pistols for its revolver-like design, a good way to view this blaster is as a "Star Wars Six Shooter", basically it could be said the DT-29 is what happens when Star Wars meets the Wild West, this blaster must be manually reloaded after its six shots have been fired, naturally this is a huge disadvantage against multiple enemies, but fortunatly the blaster is pretty powerful to compensate for its low shot count, this blaster works best with players who are careful and accurate with their shots, the DT-29 requires the "Scarif" DLC to be installed and the Hutt Contract "Krennic's Offense" to be completed.
    A180, Jyn Erso's personal blaster pistol, the A180 is a transferable blaster pistol in the same vein as the transferable blaster rifle from Star Wars: Republic Commando, the A-180s "modes" include "Sniper Mode", "Rifle Mode" and "Ion Mode", the modes are fairly self-explanetary: the Sniper mode turns the pistol into a sniper, the Rifle mode turns the pistol into a rifle similar to the A280, whilst the Ion mode turns the pistol into an Ion projectile launcher similar to the secondary fire on the TL-50 and K-16, it should be noted that these modes replaced the star cards and charge ability. In order to unlock the A180 one must own the "Scarif" DLC and have complete the Hutt Contract "Jyn's Solution".
    CJ-9 Bo-Rifle, this special weapon was introduced as a unique weapon, the weapon is unique for two reasons, the first is that the weapon cannot be acquired by normal means (as in Credits, a Hutt Contract or DLC), but instead must be acquired by killing a player with ther weapon and picking up a golden power-up token they drop, and because it is as Bo-Rifle it combines a blaster rifle with an electrostaff, the blaster by itself is basically a Designated Marksman Rifle, similar to the Relby, but fires slower, allowing you to pace your shots rather than spam them, pretty simple blaster fare, really, however what makes this weapon special is its aforementioned Electrostaff attachment, when you melee with this weapon an Electrostaff extends from underneath the barrel of the rifle, which electrocutes enemies, making this rifle a one-hit kill melee, meaning this rifle is a deadly at any range, especially if the wielding is an expert at both sniping and hand-to-hand combat, in order to increase your chances of survival, and win the duel, it is better if you keep a Bo-Rifle wielder at distance, in order to avoid that deadly Electrostaff.
    7/10 - Although I naturally yearn for more content, e.g. Clone Wars, I can have a lot of fun if I accept this game for what it is, what this game does it does extremely well, which makes the lack of content even more painful!
  11. ScampyGordon liked a post in a topic by YORKSHIRE1993 in Help needed on GOW: UE.   
    I'm stuck at a particularly difficult part of Gears: Ultimate Edition, I'm trying to clear out the pumping station on Insanity, and the Theron Guards are making it really hard! My team AI isn't helping much either, I had already done it on the original Gears after a TON of anger and frustration, and don't much relish having to go through bad old memories yet again! Is there anyone who can give me a hand? After all, a player is superior to even Insanity-level AI.
  12. ScampyGordon liked a post in a topic by YORKSHIRE1993 in Skyrim for the Xbone?   
    Do you think Skyrim will ever be either backwards compatible or be remastered for the Xbone? Will this ever be a thing?