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  1. GNO pls
  2. Cause I ate em all
  3. i made some good donuts, why isnt this important????
  4. until

    hopefully i can get off work in time to play with you guys this friday
  5. Hi! Donut here. Some of the members know me here from the vidya games we've played (If you played any of the Halo games you'll have probably met me at some point.) And I've been wanting to be more involved and active in the AJSA community. So here's one way I'm doing it. I have a YouTube channel where I basically create and upload anything I feel like uploading at any given time (Here's a link to it). Music, skits, experimental videos, and anything else I can think of, really. And I've been throwing around the idea of making content that could not only give me a wider range of videos to make, but content for AJSA. What that could be, well you're gonna have to wait juuuuust a bit on that. BUT, I'm gonna start brainstorming on that so, we'll just have to see huh? Let me know what you think about my stuff though!
  6. I played the beta yesterday for the first time and omg it's amazing. Next week when i get my paycheck im preordering it.
  7. until

    the donut will appear here tonight
  8. until

    taking time off from my trip over from San Diego to play some MCC