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    Dinosaurs(including birds), squamates, video games, biology, evolution, and much of science in general.
  1. I have seen so many people(though not specifically here) talk about boycotting the game just because it is not the legacy of Cain game they wanted. Now, as for the community, I am afraid I cannot speak of it. I played in the closed alpha, and for obvious reasons, people were quite civilized at that point. Considering the type of game it is though, I would not be surprised if the text chat is often quite virulent in that game.
  2. In response to those saying to stay away from it purely because it is a tps set in this universe, the notion that you should essentially boycott a game because it is not in the genre you like is just ridiculous. Now, I played it a while back, was in the closed alpha, and I thought it was pretty decent. Not the best game ever, a wee bit clunky, but I had fun.
  3. Welcome moneyman122, hope you enjoy your stay.
  4. They have already been insulted so many times by so many people that I doubt he would do it, if only out of fear that he would be called cliche.
  5. I don't mind it that much. I mean, lets be frank, I do not have much of a history with battlefront. I have played the games a couple times, and they were pretty cool, but it is not as if I am a huge fan. That said, the aspects that made them the most neat for me was the scale and atmosphere. One specific level, in what I think was battlefront 2, stood out to me in particular. It takes place on a floating construct of some sort, with two opposing fortresses, connected by a single walkway. This map was neat enough in and of itself, but what really sold it for me was the fact that, if you were lucky, you could go out to the edges and pick up an aircraft. Your friends could be gunners, and you could swoop around the edge of the map, picking people off. That feature was not necessary, and it was not very useful, since your aircraft would get shot down almost instantly, but the fact that you still had the option was just really cool. If they keep that sort of feel in battlefront 3, then I will certainly play it.
  6. At least they are giving themselves 2 years? It could be worse, after all, companies like activision are trodding out games every year, although at least they have now begun cycling through developers.
  7. There will always be bad games. That said, the people here simply do not deserve a game.
  8. Out of those, only the ones who gave it a high score are worth even considering, so not really. Also, ign gave A:CM a 4.5 out of 10, so basically, they are saying that A:I is only 2.4% better... whatever that means.
  9. The worrying trend that I have noticed ever since he got his consoles is that not only is he focusing far more on them, having reviewed and streamed several exclusives, but he is also referring to "the pc guys" as separate entities, and in the tomb-raider 2 angry rant video, he actively ignored the pc side multiple times, purely focusing on how it screwed over the ps4 users. I should hope not, since it would be a big shame to see him wasted on the consoles, but that does appear to be the case.
  10. Skull island, all of it, from Peter Jackson's King Kong the official game of the movie(say that ten times fast):
  11. Nobody he is even following the situation. He just got done with Chemo, and is now going through Radiotherapy, or so I heard. In a while, he will go through an operation, and they will try to remove it.
  12. This thread is nothing but conspiracy BS. You are completely ignoring all of the silly ass shit he pulled over the years, and just focusing on him having fun with his friend in a video that was a segment of a bloody livestream. Yes, he was incredibly silly. Is that weird? Is it weird that he was having fun with his friend? Of course its bloody not, get it together man, gods sake.
  13. Are you kidding me? You do not bloody know that, you are making up shit here. I am not trying to be the "everything is fine, nothing to consider" guy here, but this you are just pulling out of your arse. "Always thinking about him", how the heck do you know that? You do not. Now, let me address the rest. 1. The disney video is an example of him being silly? Shall I mention his witcher 2, bioshock infinite, soul caliber, and metro last light reviews? All of which happened before jewwario died. Again, there is no pattern here. Show me a singleplayer lets play video of his where he is incredibly, worryingly, disproportionately silly. You cannot. He played rambo alone, and that was not just shits and giggles. He played smite, chivalry, and guns of icarus on a team, but that was not just shits and giggles. You are making this up. 2. I do not care if some small youtuber is unsubscribing because she is stupid. Of course the bloody lets kill hitler video is not taking away from the reviews, this has been explained in So.Much.detail. He is not doing reviews every bloody second of every waking hour, sometimes, he is just with his friends. If he records himself playing with other joe, that is not time taken away from a review, you do not know that, and neither does she. Let us look at the facts here: His reviews all have at least half a month between them, typically a whole one, and as of now, the last review was a month ago. Two weeks ago, he was at E3, so there he could not work, he was also playing the guns of icarus tournament, and other such things. The fact that a review is not out now is not odd at all, and if people get mad that he is not working day up and day down on a review, they are out of their minds.
  14. I am not quite sure what you are talking about? Yeah, perhaps he is acting slightly more silly, but go look at his old lets play videos, they are hardly different. Really, I think it comes down to him being with other joe in more of them now. When he is alone, he tends to act more calm then when he is with friends, which is perfectly natural. All this stuff about calming him down and whatever... just stop. I never watched his lets play videos because they are not what he is good at, they are just him and other joe playing a game. Now, tell me, when you do stuff with your friends, do you not laugh and mess around and do stupid shit? Of course you do. I find watching that stupid shit annoying, but that does not mean that there is something wrong with him.
  15. I have. The thing is, not all, or even the majority do. That is why this is a joke.