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  1. So Lucky! Do you have any idea for how long I'v been trying to get my girlfriend to play Guild Wars 2????? She keep telling me... "Hoooo it looks fun" staring at me playing... but every time I ask her... "So you want me to show you how to set up a character?"... she answers: "Maybe next time!".... GRRRRR!!!
  2. Thanks for the reply Oreyn well... patience I have alot so I'll give XCOM a shot for sure.... so for what you are telling me, two glasses of whiskey will not be enough! guess I'll have to carry the entire bottle with me! I was watching the reactions Angry Joe and Other Joe were having in their video and it looks like is going to be very frustrating and at the same time a pure pleasure to play. I think I'll go with a Scotch instead of a Whiskey.... maybe some Rhum!!!!
  3. Good Day all! My very first topic (I hope is gonna go well!!!!!!!!!) and I wanted to share a little thing I've been wondering for a bit now! I recently watched the Angry Review of XCOM and XCOM 2 and that made me think! HMM!! I have never played this games and I'm wondering if they would be good options for a general relaxing gaming time with a nice glass of whiskey (no ice off course... as straight as they come!). I remember the good old day of playing MIST, taking my sweet time, pouring a glass or two and really relax! Some well deserved "ME TIME" with my girlfriend maybe watching her favourite series on TV downstairs. With Civ V I got very close, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I understand XCOM is maybe a bit more action oriented, but .... is it a good "Whiskey friendly" option? And keep in mind I don't plan on getting drunk any time soon (I already did that once with World of Warcraft during a raid and it was hysterical, but I became useless veeeeery fast). Just a simple relaxing glass of "Nectar of the Gods" after work! Any suggestions, opinions, choices of "what Whiskey goes better with which game" (I'm more of a Single Malt Irish Whiskey type of person) for PC games would be more than welcome! Thanks guys! And KEEP IT SEXY!
  4. Thank you very much for the welcome RuneX and Olgoth. I have a good feeling about this! ;oP
  5. Hello guys and Hello to the Almighty Angry Joe I'm Coco_Loco and I just just signed up for the AJSA... like literally just now! ;oP Few words! I'm from Canada and I decided to sign up after I saw the video of Joe ranting about the You Tube flags and restrictions. Not sure how I missed that video as I've been a subscriber of his channel for a while now, but anyway.... when I saw how emotional and how passionate he was about the entire thing, I told myself that it was worth showing my support, my respect, and my appreciation of how much hard work and how much love is placed in all the videos, reviews, V-Logs (and so on) we are given every single time. Few things about me.... I'm not a huge gamer (I'll be honest), but when I find a game that really get me going, I stick with it... big time.... Just recently I started to level up a Chaos fleet with Battlefleet Gothic Armada.... and I can't stoooppp!!!!!!!!! that game is soo much fun... As well... thanks to Joe and his review (which I think is one of the best ones he has ever done) I bought Guild Wars 2... so.. THANKS JOE!!! Other games I love and I have in my PC, Warhammer Dawn of War, Dawn of War 2 (I think I am am kinda a Warhammer fan!!! LOL!), Civ V, I actually started to give a shot to The Witcher (only got the first one, but so far I'm having a blast with it), used to play Warthunder, but for some reasons it disappears and I can't find it back on STEAM (go figure)! As far as my hobbies go, I am an avid player of Warhammer 40K and I have found this passion about building miniatures.... I'm currently building an IRON HANDS space marines army and I "fragging" love it! and I'm getting pretty good at it too.... if I may say so myself! Anyway.... I'm happy to finally be part of the Angry Army and I'm looking forward for lots of fun and gaming! Take care all!