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  1. BlackOpsElf liked a post in a topic by Naqser in That one match   
    Not really.
    Also doubt they'd change anything to get the balance better. That stuff has really put me off playing solo.
  2. BlackOpsElf liked a post in a topic by Naqser in That one match   
    I think those present in the last event, the 17th of December, remember that one very heavy game we ended with, assaults and heavies galore.
    I was wondering if someone saved a screenshot? The math nerd in me want to do some math.
    The idea behind it would be to post it as an example on the Mechwarrior Forums and with a suggestion I came up with that could alleviate the weight balance issues.
    The math would be calculating the enemy team's total tonnage and see what ratio it was against ours, I'd wager at least 300 more than us.
    As no constructive criticism goes without a suggestion of improvement of some sort, the suggestion I'd propose for PG:
    Quick Match overhaul akin to that of DotA 2's new pre-game lobby, with a weight re-balance system.
    *Pre-Game: As per usual you select your mech and possibly a party to play with, and with the party, possible limiting weight restrictions.
    When you find a match, both teams' weights are checked, one is lower and one is higher, most of the times. When outside a certain range limit of each other the game puts a weight restriction that can't be exceeded. This could be done by taking the average value of both weights. So one team can increase their tonnage while the other has to shed some.
    Example: 12-man team enters and has the 600 tonnage limit, the other team is composed of two 4-man teams and four randoms, the whole team's tonnage sits comfortably at about 1000 tons (Don't know if it's possible but let's just go with it). 1600 / 2 = 800, the new tonnage restriction is set to 800, this means the 12-man team can increase their weight by 200 while the other team has to shed 200 tons.
    Both team's are given, say two minutes, to change mechs to meet the new restrictions. At this point, modules would be an issue.
    For simplicity, I think Modules should only work as they do now, need to be bought, for Faction warfare. However for quick matches, you'd select what module you want on your mech and it'd be free. This way you wouldn't have to jump back and forth in the Mechlab to reconfigure your mech during the re-balance phase of a quick match.
    A possible issue with this could be 12-man teams running all light mechs in order to disrupt other teams and get their tonnage down.
    In which case a minimum tonnage would have to be implemented, if the tonnage difference is large enough.

    Also, a tonnage matching system should also be in place in order to minimize matches with large tonnage differences. So, if there are several teams of 12 running all light mechs, then there would be no need for a re-balance even though their tonnage would fall far below the minimum tonnage restriction, in which case it'd be a match with 24 light mechs running around.
    Additional change they could make to the pre-match lobby would be that Company leaders and lance leaders could issue map commands there before the match has started.
    What do you think?
  3. BlackOpsElf liked a post in a topic by Naqser in New Pilot Resources   
    How the mech looks before what kind of weapons and so forth it has.
    We discussed this on TS before
  4. BlackOpsElf liked a post in a topic by Naqser in New Pilot Resources   
    Nice read. Somethings I figured out the hard way before reading this.
    Missing the vital part about MWO though, looks >>> stats
  5. BlackOpsElf liked a post in a topic by Naqser in MWO Unit Recruitment   
    Yeah I'd like to get in, as was discussed.
  6. Naqser liked a post in a topic by MandyB in New Pilot Resources   
    Hey guys, this is for any players who might want to learn a bit more about Mechwarrior Online. This document was created by MS, I have dropped with them several times and they are good players. I know its a long read, but if you take the time to read it all including the link at the end for the next section. You will understand many aspects of the game that can improve your survivability.
    Please take the time to read this when you can, it comes with links to videos let me know if you have any questions
    If these get enough attention I will post more.
  7. Naqser liked a post in a topic by Olgoth the Humiliator in Extending me wee tendrils   
    Quite a descriptive and well written introduction, welcome to the AJSA, I hope you enjoy your time here.
    I look forward to perhaps even meeting you in the field.
    - "Olgoth! Olgoth! Olgoth!"
  8. Olgoth the Humiliator liked a post in a topic by Naqser in Extending me wee tendrils   
    After having gamed since I was about 5 years old, and continuing my gaming career since then, I'm now 27 and about to be 28, I thought I'd extend a tendril to a new gaming community and try my wings here. Yes, I did start at the age of five, with a really old school Pong console. If you've seen That 70's Show where Red and Michael modifies a Pong machine, you know exactly what kind of machine I played on. Screen was green and the paddles were white, and it ran on batteries, or could run on batteries, I don't remember if there was a power cord.
    Other conquests were the Commodore 64 with some Soccer, Bowling, Boulder Dash (One favourite), Super Pipeline II (Favourite) and so forth.
    Playstation one with Warcraft 2, Red Alert and so forth.
    Moved on PC for more RTS games. Got a trauma from System Shock 2 so I couldn't really play FPS games at all untill later, to this day I still can't play Sys2 alone ingame.
    From there it was Xbox and Halo CE, which relieved me of my FPSphobia, except horror games.

    I'm an avid gamer with a broad spectrum in gaming, but it has to be somewhat fast, if it's not fast, it has to be something that requires you to think.
    As a person I'd say I'm laid back, but can get worked up in the right circumstances, but that's rare. Humour is important to me, but I'll leave that for you to discover, what it's like that is. Explaining a joke kills it, the joy is in understanding it.
    Oh, I'm also a father of a wonderful 1 year and nine months old (at the time of writing) boy who has inherited my stubbornness and strength, his mother's good looks and persuasion skills.
    I hope to one day game with him, Magic The Gathering, Warhammer AoS (Just started collecting), console or PC.
    Or train Martial Arts, I train a Finnish version of Jiu Jitsu, to keep my shape in shape and body in condition, well, let's just say that's the reasons.

    I'm most certain I'll meet a lot of interesting players on here whom I'll also hopefully befriend.