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  1. CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR Yet another great addition to the MCU. This movie has it all and then some. Some great new introduction and plenty of old faces. The evolution of these characters is really starting to show. So lets get on to my pros PROs 1) THE MCU IS STANDING ON ITS OWN The marvel cinematic universe is only BASED on the comics. It is NOT an exact translation of the comics (something I'm starting to accept) It's kinda like a "based on a true story" concept. Although it happened, when it's a movie things need to be adjusted. With that in mind these characters are different as they are the expressions of the writers, directors and actors/actresses that play them. Pure art in motion which brings me to my next pro 2)AMAZING CASTING ALL AROUND We're used to some of these faces by now. Robert Downey Jr is Iron Man, Chris Evans is Cap to a whole generation. Even the new addition like Liz Olson(Scarlet Whitch) Paul Bettany (The Vision and my favorite) and the one actor who's had some great spot light on him for the portrayal of Black Panther Chadwick Boseman(soul brother number 1) are fantastic in their roles. I tip my hat to the veterans though because playing the same character over and over is a real test of endurance and they are hanging in there. 3) CHARACTERS ARE MELDING TOGETHER PRETTY SMOOTHLY This movie has A LOT of faces, most of them with stand alone titles. But just like the comic book universe everyone has the potential to appear in the title characters story. This is a Cap story because it's told from his perspective which is a great acknowledgement from Disney because Cap is a character whose been around a long time and deserves that. This really opens the door for team ups and stories that are huge in comic book history and the MCU really shot for the moon on this one. Like Tony Stank said in Iron Man 1 "sometimes you gotta run before you learn to walk"
  2. Glad to be joining the AJSA. Been a fan for a looooong time. Looking forward to hearing your views on comics, movies, and video games. Personally I love playing devils advocate. What ever point or observation you come up with I'm here to challenge you simply for the sake of opening the door to a different perspective. That doesn't mean I think you're wrong but if there was never any challenge then darksouls wouldn't be so satisfying