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  1. Share Play sound awsome. But i think the menu layout of the PS3, is better than PS4`s An update with more of an old school menu layout as an option would be cool. Just my opinion........
  2. Anybody know if there is a single player campaign? Or is it just an MMO??????
  3. Boring? No. Annoying? Yes!!!! There`s so many bugs With Bf4, & AC Black Flag. Its making me regret getting it right away. I`m going to get Infamous, and if this game is filled With bugs aswell, I will pretty much loose all interest in Next-Gen for a while. Just keep gaming on my PS3........
  4. Didnt they say that the PS4 was going to be easier to develop for? But then again, the NeXT-gen games, probably sell better, so they dont lower the price on them YET. Just last gen.
  5. I pre-orded my PS4 With BF4. And i have now developed a hate for EA. I also pre-orded Watch Dogs, so i regret not waiting just a bit. There were really no real reason (for me atleast) to get one now. So i should have waited.........
  6. My BF4 Single Player Campaign havent crashed on me. But there has been alot of Visual Glitches. Thing`s dissapering, or popping up in front of me. Nothing gamebreaking, but very annoying.......
  7. Havent seen anything like it on my Controller. But its stuff that isnt cool to hear........
  8. I use a Official PS3 Headset, With a Bluetooth usb stick. Tried it on my PS4, and it did`nt work. That sucks.......
  9. There have been talk about info about Fallout this month, Got it from Machinima........
  10. As a very enthuciastic gamer, i cant wait for mine. (29.Nov:-(... ) But i am just a little dissapointed in the launch line-up.
  11. I`ve heard there will be more info in December. Aaaaaah, too long.....
  12. Hey, I have been thinking alot about Fallout, and Bethesda cant have spendt millions on the rights for Fallout, Just to make two games. So im pretty sure we are going to see Fallout 4 on Next-Gen. So i would like to share my wishlist. A Level up system like in Skyrim, is pretty much expected. But i am hoping for the ability to construct my own ``base`` And maybe even have, & Upgrade a vehicle. A big city like New York, Chicago, L-A, or San Fransisco where the first game occured. Would make the game even more awsome. Rivet City had soo much more potencial! And its most likely to be my favorite ``town`` in a game. It would be pretty cool With pitch black tunnels, Subways, Caves etc. and you could be able to fit flashlights to your guns. And last but not least, Online Co-op. Being able to co-op on mission, or ``compete`` thruout the game story. Or using the map for a Online game like DayZ, etc. With hunger, & thirst bar. but not just Zombies. Ghouls, Deathclaws, Giant Scorpions, and more!!! Its Next-Gen man!!!!! Anything is possible now!!!!!!!!
  13. I think there can come alot of cool stuff out of it, but also alot of bullshit aswell.
  14. Anybody in the Angry Amry is a Brother of mine. PSN: RainbowWarrior86
  15. Big chance that this might be the last Console gen. After this they are talking about having the Tech, so we can can Battlefield, Gta, ect. and Our Smart Phones. Sounds cool, but i will miss a PS Console:-(