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  1. Is it sad I wanted Fallout Shelter more than for Fallout 4 after a while?
  2. I'm enjoying it quite a bit. Been playing mostly GTA Online and for once I don't feel I have to play with a controller. My keyboard and mouse works great on driving and normal walking around. Delays don't bother me The stutter/lag issues are caused by the advanced features most of the time and went away with my Nvidia driver update. Social Clue and done... unless you got it on steam than it's Steam>Social Clue>Game. Not that big of a deal and not as annoying as trying to say go through steam and uplay cause ubisoft hates people. Everyone should have expected this by now, but I seem to be the only one who did. I like mods too and in time they will happen. Doesn't matter what Rockstar does to try and stop it.
  3. This is my most basic opinion of the game right now. Honestly It's not that bad from what I've played of the Closed Alpha, but it has a long way to go and thinking of Ubi handling it doesn't give me high hopes.
  4. Hey look...another game I won't be buying this year.
  5. I actually enjoyed DOOM and the Resident Evil movies. They weren't great, but they were entertaining.
  6. I know it's hard to not scroll down once in a while to see those comments and remind yourself that the internet is full really dumb and entitled pricks, but you must resist! In reading those comments you are letting those dumb people win. So stop it........ Also the herp derp extension for chrome helps.
  7. With Wings being live now I figured I'd check to see if we have more people wanted to group up now. My name in-game is Jim2D everyone is welcomed to add me. I'm mainly hoping to get more back-up against the feds in Lugh where the current major player war is
  8. I already own a PC so i don't need one. Also if I wanted a Living Room system...I'd build one.
  9. I haven't been happy with E3 for past 2 or 3 years now. Doubt this will be any different.
  10. in dota 2 watching someone run after techies.
  11. Once again I provide a quote from my twitter. "Thank you EA for once again killing other Dev cause of your dumbassary."
  12. Hey look. Another horror game I won't finish.
  13. I don't think this has anything to do with the gamemode in question. Also The report system won't throw you into Low-Prio useless you're getting reports from multiple matches. I highly doubt you're getting reported that many times.
  14. It would have sold less, but blind fans would have still bought it.