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  1. Sorry, I should've mentioned i'm a PC gamer. I regret so much that i'll never be able to play the LoU
  2. New teaser trailer for the new Stardock Star Control game! It's gameplay trailer as well! What do you guys think? Does it captures the essence of StarControl 2? I don't know myself, something about those graphics doesn't seem right to me. But it does looks like it many of the original mechanics! Star Control 2, is perhaps, the only game I finished over 100 times!
  3. So after Witcher 3 nothing feels the same... All the modern games are either super repetitive, super broken or just boring. For example: Shadow of Mordor, Mafia 3, Quantom Break, Arkham Knight, etc.. all bored me to tears. Fallout 4 was decent enough for me to finish but I doubt i'll replay it. What do you guys recommend a fan of the single player games nowadays? whats a decent single player game with a decent enough story that will make me want to come back?
  4. Finally got this one with my GTX 1070, only to discover its Microsoft exclusive (just how complicated is their system? right?) and Win10 exclusive! damnit!