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  1. I think I would agree with Witcher 3. Hey what about Ark Survival... Anybody...no...ahhh
  2. So with Fathers Day coming up (gift ideas to tell the family), I wanted to pose the question out there for some feedback on everybodys thoughts. Say that you are stuck on an island and you could only play one game for an entire year, what would it be and on what platform?
  3. Way better YouTube clips than I found and was gonna share 👍🏻👍🏻 Thanks guys
  4. Did you see that blimp go down and all the distruction it did!! Also...seeing how you can get "in and out" of these vehicles Inwonder if you can get on top, open the hatch and light up the crew, kind of like taking down a Titan by hand in Titan Fall...that would be dope!!!
  5. Welcome back!
  6. Welcome to the group!
  7. EPIC!!!!
  8. So I burn wood to escape reality and I would really like to do one for AJSA... I can trace a design and all that onto the wood and rock it from their...so what I am asking for from the community is some ideas and things to trace... Please reply to this post with something that you think should be burned and I will get to work on it (when time permits and all)...
  9. I'm not sure if it was a success or not for you but I noticed that you need a pretty strong computer to stream and run all the streaming programs and everything... I tried on a 500$ laptop and failed horribly So now I just stream on my Xbox...maybe one day I can get a worthy laptop but who knows....
  10. Was up!!!! Welcome aboard!
  11. ey

    Welcome aboard!
  12. Welcome aboard! I am new here also and so far everybody has been extremely nice! Make sure to jump on here and be active in the forums and on the events (if you can)...at least the forums for sure. There is also a limit of the number or replies that you can do as a recruit (I just learned that) so if you don't see the "reply to post" button...don't fret...just wait 24 hours.... just keep posting!
  13. The police need to come in and arrest her! I have no words for the atrocity that she displayed...and I have seen the ISIS videos and all that bad stuff too which I did have words for....
  14. MeatShieldM249 Just started playing this game today and falling in love with it!
  15. MeatShieldM249