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  1. Im in the same, maybe i´ll buy it just because it´s the international version, if i "loved it back then" and i wanna play it again, i´ll play it in my ps2, i know that a lot of peple doesn,t have the ps2 game, and for them, it´s a really good oportunity to get it, buy i agree, this remake thing is getting out of hand, specially this generation, it doesn´t feel good when they remake games from ps3, i mean come on it´s just 1 generation before , just because the ps4 doesn´t have ps3 support doesn´t mean you can re-release ps3 titles "remastered" or "Special editions" with some slight better graphics for the ps4.
  2. its a really fun game, i like the third person pesrpective view, it can be very confusing sometimes but you´ll get the hang of it as you play, also if ouy wanna know hot to play with certain character check some builds from other players on the internet.
  3. my bad thanks for the vids!, im gonna check those , guess that´s the reason why avgn is getting a lot of hate , people just write articles without getting full info lol, at least im not bashing forums or twitter with that lol,
  4. I'll keep an eye on that reply post thing nwn, Thanks to all for the warm welcome !! Im gonna check the forum regulary , also i'll be on ps4 chat room, i hope i'll see a lot of you guys there Thank you!
  5. Im starting to think that sony actually plotted this, i mean, they know that the new cast was gonna be a big controversy , so they make it on purpose to get more attention, now a lot of people that otherwise wouldnt care about this film are gonna see the it just for all the controversy instead of actually be interested in ghostbusters, in the end is just publicity, even if its bad publicity
  6. Hello everyone! my name is Luis, 25 years, im from Mexico D.F. and im joining the Angry army. I´ve been a big fan from Angry Joe show since almost 4 years, i like the angry reviews, the top 10´s, movie reviews and all the new content, most of the time before i buy a new big copmany game (like battleborn, dragons dogma, etc) i always go to see if there´s a review on that game from angry Joe hahaha . Im mostly a ps player, starting from nes, snes, n64 and there j jumped to ps1, ps2, ps3 and ps4, also have a wiiu, big neptunia fan also. Hoping to play with a lot of you guys in various games. PSN ID: Yugi_-
  7. Hello everyone, lets play PSN ID: Yugi_- Also im interested on joining the ps4 room. Thanks.