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  1. MUGETSU liked a post in a topic by Delrith in Hello, from Council Member Delrith!   
    Hi guys!
    Joe yelled at me and told me I should post more to mingle with all of you, so here I am! First of all I'd like to welcome all of you to the Angry Army! I look forward to meeting a large number of you individually and participating in a lot of community events with you all in the future.
    My name is Delrith, and I am here to help Joe run things (Primarily FPS related stuff and competitive teams in the future) and make us look good in the process while playing with viewers either with him or on my stream representing AJSA in the future. I also, of course, participate in the day to day operations of assisting people with anything that needs to be done and maintaining some semblance of order around these parts.
    Do not worry, either! I have quite a bit of experience with maintaining and managing a community as well as participating in QUITE A FEW professional gaming tournaments, with a few victories under my belt as well to back it. I believe that with the dedication you all have shown within the first few days of launch and the willingness to participate we can mold a lot of you into a hardcore bunch of badasses who don't take any sass.
    I look forward to playing/training/participating with all of you in the near future, and I apologize if I cannot speak to everyone who has attempted to talk to me thus far!
    POST EDIT: This will be my twitch for the Angry Joe Show Army - www.twitch.tv/ajsa_delrith - I will be streaming a LOT in the near future so I ask you all to hop over and follow beforehand! Thanks!