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  1. Dust those cheetahs off ladies.
  2. Quack!
  3. QUACK!
  4. Also, by popular demand we will be starting the event off with a game of "duck hunt". have a Gauss only mech ( or similar ballistic weapon you wanna improve aim on ) ready for shooting..... ....and a light ECM mech in case you are picked or volunteer to be a " duck ".
  5. The information on the above link is now OUTDATED. we will be using the AJSA discord server instead from now on. staging area will be "house Davion" voice chat. https://discord.gg/JzMxgmY Kell's Corner will still be used for off hour grouping, score bragging, and general shenanigans. https://discord.gg/wRYj98U
  6. Just another poll for next weeks event. let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions o7
  7. Quack!
  8. This is just a general survey on possible themes for future events and a few general game play questions. No Guts, No Galaxy.
  9. This is Kell, ready Op. also, note to everyone: This week we will be trying to have fun with ECM. If you don't own an ECM mech do try and pick one out for yourself. Clan or IS is fine. http://mwo.gamepedia.com/Electronic_Countermeasure_(ECM)
  10. Theme this week will be "wolfpack/Lance tactics"
  11. This is Kell, Ready Op.
  12. we will be having another event this Saturday. drop in on the Mechwarrior TS lobby and check it out!
  13. This is Kell, Ready OP.
  14. https://steamcommunity.com/linkfilter/?url=http://mwomercs.com/forums/topic/212982-tactics-101-comics/ More fun stuff