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  1. CC_Showtime liked a post in a topic by TheDycer in AJSA NA RANKED TEAM   
    So now that Titan and I can devote more time to be overbearing with the rank team again. Let's try to get this set of 5 to play ~4 games together to see how they will mesh. Once again, this is not final. This trial run will determine if the players here can work well together. This set has been determined not only by skill and stats, but also by playstyles. 
    Top: Roshiu
    Jung: Brickhill/Showtime
    Mid: Gpawshaft02
    Bot Carry: Showtime/Brickhill
    Support: Senpai Corea (Shotcaller)
    Whenever you guys are free we can try this combo out, and hopefully get closer to final starters in the next week.
  2. CC_Showtime liked a post in a topic by TheDycer in AJSA NA RANKED TEAM   
    An update on the ranked team. The current starting five (this is far from final) are:
    Top: Rhabit
    Jungle: Senpai Corea (Captain/Shotcaller)
    Mid: Gpawshaft02
    ADC: SONY Showtime
    Support: NamelessPric
    I want to see some games played together by the new year to figure out how everyone fits together. This starting 5 is far from final so there is a high chance of players being swapped out as things are tested. This is still in the trial stage. If you guys are free on Thursday, I am too so we can see if this set works as intended. 
  3. TheTitan liked a post in a topic by CC_Showtime in League of Legends 1v1 Tournament EVENT   
    Wats Rockin guys. My summoner name is Sony Showtime and count me in.