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Everything posted by Nirvana

  1. Its been 4 years since the Raid 2 came out and honestly it was better than the first and upped the scale by a lot but what happened how come Gareth hasn't started making a third its been so long already. Like I want to see what happened to Rama after the second one.
  2. Ya what if there actually making the sequel but there just keeping it a secret. Also I dont think waiting a number of years to make a third film because Hellboy and Ghostbusters took too long make a third film and now their trilogies will never be completed!!!!!! When was there a trilogy that waited many years until making a third movie and it was still good? And I really hope that they also bring in the Triads for the 3rd and have that teacher from Battle Royal and Donnie Yen to be in it.
  3. Then whats gonna happen to Deadpool and the other R rated super hero movies. Also what about Laura I dont want them recasting X23 again I want her to still be there!!!!!!! And this is terrible if Disney keeps doing then there just gonna buy out all of the movie stuidios!!!!!!
  4. So lately I've been hearing people complain about the XCU how it "sucks" and wants it back with Marvel. But that doesn't make any sense none of the new Xmen movies or trailers that Fox have been making come out yet except for the trailer for New Mutants. Just because Apocalypse wasn't as good as Days of Future Past doesn't make the entire franchise shit!!!!! And besides if Xmen was with Marvel we wouldn't be having stuff like Deadpool or Logan come on. Honestly even if Marvel had the Xmen (which wouldn't happen) how would it even be better like look at Spiderman now its terrible!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Well u forgot about Days of Future Past thats the one u gotta watch its basically fixing the franchises past mistakes and redeems itself as a whole. As for Wolverine its actually not terrible and is really good so u should watch it I dont know why people say its terrible!!!!!!!!!! Then dont watch it its not worth ur time.
  6. Lackluster what are u talking about the only bad ones I can think of are Origins and X3. Do not get me started with Apocalypse like I said before I was an ok movie but not terrible. F4 is basically a lost cause at this point Fox can reboot it all they want and its still gonna suck. I just said that if Fox gives Marvel the Xmen they will just screw it up like they did with Spiderman recently. Homecoming was just terrible and I'm not pissed because they changed things they should've just made a completely different change!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Whoa whoa I wasn't trying to put Disney world a priority over this guy I was just only curious if park attractions would be affected too.
  8. Why do u ask? I just dont watch the news!!!!
  9. youtube haters, content

    Joe said in his recent video a month ago that he still wants to do angry reviews he just needs a break although he has been taking breaks more often including the one a month before everything went to shit and last year and the year before hell I even asked him and he even admits to taking breaks. But if Joe actually did say that he doesn't want to do angry reviews anymore then I'm pretty sure that 90% of his fans would unsubscribe. Just look at Rocket Jump and RWJ, Freddie says that he doesn't want to do shorts anymore just wants to make bigger projects and look what happened he's loosing subs at a rapid pace and his "bigger projects" are just mediocre at best and his competition Corridol Digital and Nukazoka make better shorts than him these days and have never ditched them Freddie basically screwed himself when he decided to turn his YouTube channel into a company. As for Ray he should've never stepped down as host for =3 everything went downhill afterwards he says he wanted to become an actor but I havent see him in any movies since he stepped down he basically shot himself in the foot when started casting terrible hosts who weren't even funny and his views just went down.
  10. youtube haters, content

    So if Spoony has depression does that mean he's going to end up like Jew Wario?
  11. youtube haters, content

    Well I do like seeing Joe's opinions on the movies that come out after all he is a huge Superman, Dragon Z, Godzilla, Power Rangers, and DC fan. And it was fine back in 2015 he was only doing a few movie reviews a month and then takes a break from them and then do them again.
  12. So if its in Texas does that mean joe's gonna get affected too? What about Disney World and that new Star Wars land their working on is that gonna get destroyed too?
  13. I've heard of this happening before what's that all about? Wasnt there a one hitting Texas too?
  14. Why because it's so crowded there and it takes hours until there's a available seat? Ur looking at one here I basically watched most of his shows except for the F word. I'm still waiting for him to go to a Chinese restaurant and eat their food and scream his head off at some of the managers how could he hasn't done that yet?
  15. So we all know Bruce lee died before he could finish his passion project. Sure it eventually got made with the story being completely changed I'm talking about the original game of death that could've been the ultimate Bruce lee classic that would've been loved for decades to come so is it possible that it could still get finished?
  16. Sorry I can't find the recent I've made did delete it?
  17. youtube haters, content

    Well good news he reenabled comments so I guess he finally realized it was hurting his views and it's almost September anyway but I hate those blind assholes who blindly defend joe when they don't see they real issue here and in fact I think there real trolls because they give what joe wants to here and just accuse the rest of the fan base for bitching and whining when they only want him to be better and just want the old joe back.
  18. Then maybe they should change the release date if they know that there will be competition.
  19. So u know each year there will be movies that will be either really good or really really bad and don't make enough money but there are movies like the transformers series or modern day horror movies, and recent will ferrel movies they won't make much money but at least make enough profit to pay for their budget so how come those movies don't bomb and others do like Star Trek beyond, kubo and the two strings, and most of the summer movies from last year?
  20. Well we all saw it coming but I'm not gonna say anything until I've watched it for myself looks well just have wait until that Akira or full metal alchemist movie comes out.
  21. Ur right the justice league dark animated movie came out last fall!!!!! It was ok.
  22. I'm asking this because it seems that everytime theres a F4 movie it just turns downright terrible and with the recent movie bombing I'm pretty sure there won't be another movie for another 10 years or maybe never so why does it keep failing is it just because the F4 story itselff is terrible or is it fox's fault?
  23. Oh I wasn't talking about drama I was talking about if Donnie yen can do u good job of making legend of the fist and making the story from scratch why can't they do it with game of death and carefully make sure that it's what Bruce lee would've wanted. If game of death didn't have drama then they should make sure they don't do over the top drama.
  24. I just wished James Franco actually did that weird accent that tommy made.
  25. Then how come Bruce didn't tell anyone his whole idea?