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  1. Darkstorm Zero liked a post in a topic by Nirvana in Youtube hate   
    Joe said in his recent video a month ago that he still wants to do angry reviews he just needs a break although he has been taking breaks more often including the one a month before everything went to shit and last year and the year before hell I even asked him and he even admits to taking breaks. But if Joe actually did say that he doesn't want to do angry reviews anymore then I'm pretty sure that 90% of his fans would unsubscribe. Just look at Rocket Jump and RWJ, Freddie says that he doesn't want to do shorts anymore just wants to make bigger projects and look what happened he's loosing subs at a rapid pace and his "bigger projects" are just mediocre at best and his competition Corridol Digital and Nukazoka make better shorts than him these days and have never ditched them Freddie basically screwed himself when he decided to turn his YouTube channel into a company. As for Ray he should've never stepped down as host for =3 everything went downhill afterwards he says he wanted to become an actor but I havent see him in any movies since he stepped down he basically shot himself in the foot when started casting terrible hosts who weren't even funny and his views just went down.
  2. Nirvana liked a post in a topic by tbolt1976 in Hurricane Irma   
    Everyone Please cool out!  I personally did in no way take any offense to this question!  All theme parks were opened the very next day!  and As far as Im concerned  all we got were some trees and limbs down! There was minimal damage and we still had power after it was all over! so we got lucky! Very Lucky!
  3. Nirvana liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in Gordon Ramsay   
    The bills man, THE BILLS!
    They recommended me, my mom, my 2 sisters and their boyfriends full 3 course meal: entree, main and desert. I only pick entree and main because we don't want the overpriced $50 cakes. Then we look at the bills for all of us..............
    So a meal for 6 with only entree and main course = $600. You can buy 2 PS4s with that. And the portions are so small, that we took free complementary butter bread sticks twice. 

    And afterwards we are still not full, so we got ourselves McDonalds. FUCK YOU OVERPRICED MEAL!!  
  4. Rain liked a post in a topic by Nirvana in Will Bruce Lee's original Game of Death ever get finished?   
    Oh I wasn't talking about drama I was talking about if Donnie yen can do u good job of making legend of the fist and making the story from scratch why can't they do it with game of death and carefully make sure that it's what Bruce lee would've wanted. If game of death didn't have drama then they should make sure they don't do over the top drama. 
  5. Nirvana liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Will Bruce Lee's original Game of Death ever get finished?   
    I suppose they technically could but it seems like that's not what you were talking about......
    You were asking whether the film would ever get finished with the original footage in accordance with Bruce Lee's vision.  Bruce Lee was the writer, director and producer of this project so he was the only one with full knowledge of exactly what it was intended to be and that died with him.  In addition all movie projects go through creative changes during and post production, so even if you were doing a remake based on his original screenplay putting his vision to the screen now simply isn't possible since he has no hand in any of these decisions.
    With a remake you get a version of Game of Death but Bruce Lee's version........... is sadly lost.
  6. Nirvana liked a post in a topic by Cyborg-Rox in Will Bruce Lee's original Game of Death ever get finished?   
    I think half a century is starting to be a little too late...
  7. Nirvana liked a post in a topic by Rain in Discussing Frequency of Joe Reviews (Only Thread)   
    Sadly that's the common argument Seirex, I see it all the time and mostly on YouTube comments. It's a never-ending debate and just best left alone because there's never a peaceful solution. There's three types of Joe fans...1. The ones that enjoy all his content no exception and full time fan 2. The ones that casually watch and are pretty indifferent on what he does 3. And lastly the ones that have to give constant "direction" to what his channel should offer.
    Simply put, minds can't be changed on the internet but we completely understand the concern.
  8. Nirvana liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Why did the last guardian and FFXV take so long to make?   
    Unless someone writes up a history of development like Starcraft Ghost recently had you won't know everything. Game development is a lengthy and complicated process. Tech changed, people on the projects changed, gameplay elements change, the entire focus and connection to previous titles changed when it came to Final Fantasy XV.
  9. Nirvana liked a post in a topic by Shagger in When is the last of us 2 coming out?   
    2018 would mean five years since the first game came out, and Ellie will 19 years old, 5 years older, in this second game. Doubt that's a coincidence.
  10. Nirvana liked a post in a topic by Maghorn in Why did EA decide not to be greedy this year?   
    Oh no, EA has been just as greedy and dickish as ever with their micro transactions, as well as trying their hardest to kill the Titanfall IP.
  11. Nirvana liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Why did EA decide not to be greedy this year?   
    You couldn't buy Battlepacks in Battlefield 1..... at first.  They shoehorned them in a couple of weeks later when all the reviews were already out, pencil dicks!
  12. Nirvana liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Why did EA decide not to be greedy this year?   
    Yeah..... Pretty much everything he said, also let's not forget that despite the fact that they may have "calmed down" on the microtransaction crap in thier "core" AAA games (which is debatable), the are still just as bad as ever if not worse in their sports franchise's like FIFA:

    People in gaming communities like this one along with most of the respectable YouTubers don't tend to talk about these games that much and they know it.  Also for allot of players who are fans of the sport this is pretty much the only game they play making them that little bit more appealing just for a chance to get Messi on their "Ultimate Team".  What a fucking load for a game that's barly changed in over a decade.
  13. Nirvana liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in When you play GTA 5 with your best mates   
    Mods on the PC
  14. Nirvana liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in When you play GTA 5 with your best mates   
    I saw this posted on FB. I've seen shit ton of funny GTA 5 stuff, but this fuckin takes the throne.
    The scene with Trevor looking and saying, "What the fuck?" and starts dancing threw me off the chair
  15. Nirvana liked a post in a topic by Nightheaven in Joe's One Sided Rant On DC Legends   
    But I think we can all agree that if there's any one kind of game genre that deserves the quick, ruthless judgement of Angry Joe, it's mobile games. 
  16. Nirvana liked a post in a topic by The Anti-Santa in So I saw the Ghostbusters remake aaaaaand....   
    It's actually pretty good. No really. It's pretty good. It's not great, it's not terrible, it's just pretty good. I liked it. And I'm not ashamed to say that. And no, it's got nothing to do with the fact the main cast is all female. 
    So yeah, I saw it, I liked it. If you're on the fence with this movie, give it a shot. I know this movie has become a hot button topic, and for that reason I'm not going into depth, or gonna try too hard to defend the movie's existence, because let's face it no matter what I do or say I've just invited every angry little sub human who already decided they don't like this movie coming into the comments to rip me a new asshole just because I've admitted that I like it. And go a head, I've probably heard a lot worse. Now if you excuse me while I barricade myself in a solid concrete bunker to take shelter from the fallout.
  17. Nirvana liked a post in a topic by roblosonic505 in The other side of call of duty   
    well he missed out on what made black ops 3 popular in my opinion
  18. Nirvana liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in When is the last of us 2 coming out?   
    What the bloody hell are you talking about?  Firstly the PS4 is not backwards compatible.  Secondly there was a version released for PS4 so backwards compatibility isn't exactly an issue. Thirdly and far more relevantly Naughty Dog have been a commercially and critically successful first party developer for Sony since 2001.  The odds of Sony selling the company now are about the same as finding a Stewardess who had not put on makeup in the same length of time...... In other words ZERO!
  19. Nirvana liked a post in a topic by Ranisel in When is the last of us 2 coming out?   
    - Here's a link to a topic with my thoughts on the movie, as for Civil War my problem with the movie wasn't how accurate It was to the comics or whatever, but It's the same problem as with BvS, the supposed clash of heroes with different ideologies aspect ( Which is the most important ) FAILED, Captain America is OBVIOUSLY RIGHT, and It was evident from LITERALLY the first 5 minutes of the movie. Scarlet Witch stopped the explosion and tried to lift him OUT of the MARKET CROWDED WITH PEOPLE, oooh nooo some people died while they were apprehending TERRORISTS STEALING A CHEMICAL WEAPON, HOW MUCH PEOPLE WOULD DIE IF IT WEREN'T FOR THEM? 
    And that footage '' You guys are dangerous bla bla '' that was also ruined, he was literally showing footage of THEM SAVING THE WORLD AGAINST ALL ODDS, like literally SAVING THE HUMAN SPECIES, what is excepted of them? To not let a SIGNLE life be lost in such a grand battle?
    Not to mention team Iron Man who were like opposed to all the destruction and stuff LITERALLY ENGAGED IN AN ALL OUT WAR against Team Cap AT AN AIRPORT, yeah no desutrction or death there, right?!
    The movie shouldn't have had this boring villain with questionable motives and an eye-brow raising methods of executing his plan to turn them against eachother. It would have had way more impact if It came naturally, not while apprehending Terrorists or saving the Human Species, but something more trivial and they got cocky or something happened and resulted in them killing people and causing a lot of property damage. The Winter Soldier aspect was boring as well, he doesn't even talk, sure you could write that off because of the brain washing he just doesn't know what to say but that makes him BORING, but HE could have saved it, I think what happened to him can raise some interesting questions and really devide the people watching the movie, should he answer for what he did envetho he was in a way forced to do It? 
    However Civil War was definately better than BvS, but it was still lackluster at best.
  20. Nirvana liked a post in a topic by Alexander452 in Are you F***in kidding me!!   
    To be honest. subscribing is only to make the counter go up and to make you recieve messages when the youtube creator has uploaded their videos
    Subscribers are not the most important thing on youtube, it's more about views

  21. Nirvana liked a post in a topic by Otaku World Order in Doom Angry Review   
    Well, they don't review current releases, they review twenty to thirty year old garbage for comedic purposes. While we all love the sketches and goofy bits, Joe is very much a critic and he reviews current releases and as such he's likely to come under fire for the same reasons most independent critics do. Liking a game too much, hating a game too much, not getting a review out close enough to release and so on.
  22. Nirvana liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Doom Angry Review   
    In all honesty, the review was good, but let's face a few flaws:
    1. It's pretty late, for whatever reason. Either he just did it as fan service because it was so requested, but nonetheless, it's simply too late and it's kinda pointless now.
    2. It's basically, "it's a good game go get it!" with a few good reasons he told us as to why the game is good and why we should get it, but he didn't really go into depth
    3. Length. It's pretty short, even for a such a simple game. True, you can't talk too much about this game, but as I said in my 2nd point, he could of gone a bit more into depth with it and give us really good reasons on why we should buy it and it's flaws. Maybe tho he didn't feel like it because he thought it was pointless making it too long for a game like this.
    4. Multiplayer. He didn't talk about it at ALL, except "It's there and it's not good as other MP games, but it's still fun."  It's still a big part of the game and he should of taken the time to talk about the mechanics there, maps and whatever else you can talk about. If he took time to properly talk about it's MP, it would add another 5 minutes to the video, making it almost a 20min review which would of made it almost perfect for a game like this.
    However overall, I think it was a good review. It was pretty hilarious and what I like about it is he added lots of that classic AJ bullshit into it with horrible acting and shitty costumes and terrible effects lol, which adds lots of quirky humor into his review, so that was pretty good.
    Tho personally, I don't think it's a review I would depend on if I'm thinking about buying the game. I would watch at least 1 or 2 more, specially because he totally ditched talking about multiplayer.
    I mean AJ and his reviews are still good comparing to the shitheads infesting his comment sections, Twitter and Facebook with their toxicity. I mostly noticed "fans" there, insulting him, telling him to suck dick and what not. That's just stupid. If you gonna be a fan, give him proper fuckin' feedback you dipshits. Nicely point out his mistakes and tell him what he could do to improve, without calling him names. If I was him, I would also not give a fuck about my fans if they acted that way. Not to mention it's also food for haters that will go there like vultures to feed on the hate and bullshit fans give him.
  23. Nirvana liked a post in a topic by TamaskanLEM in Youtube hate   
    Jun 25, Apr 17, Apr 10, Mar 19, Feb 23, and Feb 21. Straight from youtube itself, these are the published dates of every angry review Joe have done this year, excluding rapid fire and that shit with the oculus rift. Easy to say, I don't think the guy have been slacking off on his regular reviews. Yes, he created other types of content to keep the payroll going, but it's not like it's some painful shit to watch. Hell, from all the bs that pops up on my subscriber box, I'd say his movie reviews or whatever is pretty tamed, something that easily ignored. They're not even that bad tbh, just not as entertaining as his usual shtick.
    Personally I don't see the issue with the extra skippable content he spews out. It could be worse. He could start talking about youtube drama. 
  24. Nirvana liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in As if the new Ghosbusters movie wasn't misguided enough...   
    That's interesting to bring up for Ghostbusters as the marketing for the first film tried to hide that Ernie Hudson was even in it, or at least that he was one of the stars, and rewrote his character to have a smaller part without telling him after he was cast.
    When different people took over the production of the animated series they wanted to remove the overweight character and the black guy (Ray and Winston) and only didn't because the writers threatened to quit (ones like J. Michael Straczynski did shortly anyway as they no longer wanted anything to do with it), instead they just had Winston be the driver. They also wanted any personality taken away from Janine and made her into an overly emotional mother figure because they thought children didn't like her acting any other way. Which brings me back to people handling marketing seem to have always hated Ghostbusters, people working on it, and the fans in some cases.
    Yeah, but out of like 7+ games that was the only good one. It's definitely not a franchise known for maintaining quality when it comes to any area really (film, TV, video games, board games).
  25. Nirvana liked a post in a topic by Shagger in As if the new Ghosbusters movie wasn't misguided enough...   
    I mean... wow.
    Clearly this has had no effort put into it at all. Even Actvision can't be bothered to promote this thing properly.
    I actually just stumbled across his on the XBox Webstie (Checking some release dates) and they're actually doing a bundle for the game and the movie!
    The webpage I snipped this from.

    And you know what, you can tell that XBox aren't interested either as the pre-order link doesn't even work.
    This one of these things that makes me think, why did they even bother? I mean the movie looks terrible and is getting so much criticism before it's even out, this game is cheep joke and even the new Ghostbusters theme song is pure, audible cancer;
    I've never seen a franchise reboot get so much consistently wrong! What is happening here?