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  1. So is there any other artist here? Looking for freinds
  2. I am a digital artist. check this out http://shelvshotpencil.deviantart.com this my deviant art page and this is my YouTube channel- I have worked on all my art asset
  3. Amazing, how do you go to there market place?
  4. Man thoss gif make my day
  5. Hello I am Shenovy I am a digital artist, and a you tube content creator.I came to this site to make friends, and to find great people. in addition this a way for me to engrave Joe to say averting censorship kept me from saying on the Internet. i am very happy seeing how Joe bash the games with complaint when they suck. I am an artist sadly I can't upload any files due to the website limit http://shelvshotpencil.deviantart.com visit me and checkout my gallery and check out my YouTube channel, send me request to draw you stuff. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWsxm0ms7QDGnLAh0geZP6w i n short, I am a gamer, a pic and iOS gamer- looking for some freinds.