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  1. We probably knew that this kind of thing was coming sooner or later. Youtube is really fucking up. War on copyright is getting really out of hand.
  2. For Rannoch, I chose peace, because peace is dope. :] I first saved Kaidan because I felt Ashley dying would have a bigger impact and honestly, I really didn't like any of her remarks to the crew, specifically Liara because she be mine homie. Haha. I did save her in other playthroughs, I mean she does learn to tolerate other species. For the ending, I chose destroy because come on that's what the goal was originally, but I did like the synthesis one too. The whole everyone working together sort of deal being both synthetic and organic.
  3. If we are talking about games that are anime style, I would say the Persona Series and the Tales of Series, and Xenogears. Those are the ones that are completely memorable to me. :] For games based off of an anime, I would stay Dragon Ball Z budokais, The naruto ninja storm series. I actually never played the the .hack series, wish I did.
  4. I knew I am a dog but I didn't know about the "what element are you?" but it turns out I am a wood element which I can dig.
  5. Nice, nice. I'm also not a fan of reading off of a PDF. It might be kind of hard for me but I could do it if I tried.
  6. Oh yeah I meant the next one out that was translated into English. I remember that the second actual book wasn't officially translated.
  7. I would have to say, anyone from the club lounge, I spend most of my reading posts there, and all of them seem like cool cats. Doesn't mean you guys outside aren't, I just haven't traversed the many topics like lie with the forums and it is MANY. Once finals are over, I'll definitely be more active around here to get to know more people all around.
  8. Dragon, Electric, and Fire Types are mah favvvv :] My favorite gen would have to be Gen 2, most memoriable (GEn 6 might of changed that though haha) and going through 2 regions! My favorite starter would be chimchar, freakin fire monkey! then because a badass monkey king sort of deal! When i learn close combat, my jaw like dropped. Haha.
  9. The Witcher 3 Persona 5 Kingdom Hearts 3 Final Fantasy XV The Mandate Maybe Dragon Age Inquisition, I recently got DA: Origins and right now I'm diggin it, wish it wasn't an auto attack sort of thing though.
  10. I first got into the witcher series through Angry Joe's review and I gotta say I fell in love with the series. Hearing about how great the company was a plus as well. I had to go back and played the first one and finished the second some time ago and can't wait for The Witcher 3! I should go back and play 2 again so I recall everything lol. I'm currently trying to read the books got the last wish and once I'm done with it, I'll order the next one. I'm trying to save up to get a better PC so I can play TW3 right! Just like the trailers show! Haha.
  11. I would honestly like Ancient Egypt or Feudal Japan. Russia doesn't sound like a bad idea either. Assassin's creed games have been about going back into certain periods of time but I feel that we may be playing in that era, I don't feel as immersed in it as I did before when I first played an Assassin's Creed game. (Assassin's creed 2, whole Italian thing and AC4 because pirates and boarding, but that was it for me anyways) Hopefully in the future they make it more immerse.
  12. Flaming Skull with Headphones? If so, it is pretty dope. 9/10
  13. THAT is one sexy picture of Iroh! DAMN! Now I got quite a few. We got my bro L from Death Note My kickass ninja Black Star AND my main homie TAKAMURA!
  14. I'm quite a pokemon fan, I'm down for trades, battles, and dat friend safari! Here is my friend code: 4742-5329-8193
  15. Oh youtube, tsk tsk tsk. What crazy idea do you have in mind now? They are probably gonna pull a Xbox One, once the policies are in effect, boom! HUGE chunk of their community is gone and like oh no! changes everything back to the way it was. I really don't understand some of these companies/industries. Most of the youtube videos are basically free advertising. They are really just digging their own grave.